Alligator Gloves or Zip Line Gloves?

The simple answer is BOTH!  But we call them Strong Cowhide FencingGloves which are popular among construction workers and ranchers. 

However, one of our customers, the Alligator Farm Zoological Park, uses them on their zip line and challenge course which traverses over the zoo and alligators. The park’s guests have been using these gloves (since 2011) to hand break on the zip lines for their durability. Also, since the gloves are completely made from leather (not synthetic) they are safer if consumed by an alligator. 
You can see these gloves in action with the alligators at the following link: Alligator Farm video
For more information about the park, go to this link: Alligator Farm 
To purchase these gloves: Strong Cowhide Fencing Gloves


Glove Cut Resistant Standard – EN388

Glove Cut Resistant Standard – EN388

A few years ago I wrote about this issue and due to the increase in newer cut resistant gloves, I thought it would be helpful to post this information again. Actually, it was one of my most read posts since my blog was started in 2008.
Work glove hand protection standards have existed for years but most users fail to pay attention to the ratings. Specifically cut resistance. Both the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) and the EU (European Union) have hand protection selection criteria.
Although the criteria between both is very complex, I prefer seeing the EU – EN388 symbol since it rates the gloves for abrasion, blade cut, tear, and puncture resistance.  ANSI doesn’t have a single symbol covering these categories. However, in situations requiring a very high level of cut resistance, you should look for gloves tested and rated under both standards since they vary on the high end in the cut resistant category.
In the EN-388 symbol (shown) you will see a number for each category. All tests are ranked 1-4 (4 being the highest level) except for the blade cut category ranking of 1-5.
I wrote an article that included this information and you can view it at this link: A practical guide to Hand Protection. You can always contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance on work glove and cut resistant glove selections.
FYI: Since the CE (EU) glove standards are mandatory in Europe and most gloves sold in North America are imported, you will see this symbol more often.
View our Cut Resistant Gloves at the following link: 

Why Allergies Might Someday Mean the End of Latex Gloves

This story appeared in my in-box a few days ago and although it’s not new news, it’s a topic that I’m an expert on since it is how I got into the glove business 25 years ago. 
Latex allergies and the use of latex gloves have been a problem for decades and only gets worse over time due to repeated exposure. Link to story by ABC NEWS. 
The healthcare industry has largely migrated to Nitrile gloves to avoid user and patient exposure to latex but the food industry has lagged far behind. Now it seems that some states have even passed laws prohibiting the use of latex gloves in food handling and more are working on getting bills before state legislatures. 
As a matter of fact, we even discontinued offering latex gloves as part of our Food Service Glove line. We’ve even managed to switch most of our Food Service Glove customers to vinyl gloves which are also half the cost to latex gloves. 
We also offer glove liners for workers who continue to wear latex gloves in other industries. 
Also see link about “Problems with Latex Gloves” on our web site.
If anyone has any questions or needs any assistance on this topic please let us know. 

French Fry Gloves Make Your fingers Look like Fries

These McDonald’s French Fry Gloves are not available for purchase yet, but I imagine someone will cash in on this ideal eventually…  Probably, by next winter. 
However, if you still need some children’s gloves, giving that spring time has been late to arrive, I suggest you check out our children’s winter gloves. Prices have also been reduced on what remains in stock. 

Smith & Wesson Hi-Vis Traffic Control Gloves

We introduced these new Smith & Wesson MP (Military & Police) High Visibility Traffic Control gloves in 2013 to our popular line of Hi-Vis gloves
These highly visible gloves are designed for traffic control during the day and night and are very useful during police check points.  Another important element not found in other traffic control gloves is that the retro-reflective material is on each side of the glove. 
The Smith Wesson models have a Hi-Vis Flexible Spandex Back with silver overlays and a synthetic PU Palm with silver retro-reflective overlays.  An open cuff slip-on design with a shirred elastic wrist allow for easy and quick doning and removal. 
They also have reflective nail guards and synthetic side panel fourchettes on the fingers for better flexibility, grip, and comfort.  
We’ve even made them easy to order for all types of customers. Individuals can order them by the pair and we also sell them by the dozen. We also added a case pricing option for Police Departments and Traffic Control units. 
See them at this link: Smith & Wesson Hi-VisTraffic Control Gloves. We also recently added a new video demonstrating the gloves.

Smart Gloves are on the Horizon

It’s official. No joke, Samsung has filed for Smart Glove Patent. 
You may recall last April when I wrote about the April Fools’ joke that Samsung played regarding a Smart Glove. Well, it seems that the joke was more about a reality. Will Samsung and Apple do battle again over patent infringement?  Maybe, since I wrote in 2009 about Apple filing a glove patent. 
In any case, based on the patent applications, I believe we will soon see new wearable electronic devices in the form of gloves. After all, we currently sell various types of touch screen and cell phonegloves which continue to increase in popularity. For those that need to know the difference, touch screen gloves are self-explanatory and cell phone gloves employ removable digits. 
In case you’re curious and to give you an idea what a Smart Glove can become, the diagrams revealed that the glove will feature flexible displays and also a number of sensors that are found within the glove itself. (see image) The actual patent applications describe the product as a “finger motion recognition glove.”
As usual, I’ll keep everyone informed here as I learn more. The one thing you can count on is that we will feature any Smart Glove that becomes available once we get are hands on them. 

Mittens vs. Gloves?

Although the first day of winter is over a month away, the country is already in the grips (pun intended) of Jack Frost. 
This reminds me of the longstanding debate and question: gloves or mittens?
As a glove guru, I’ll mention the pros and cons. 
Mittens pros:
Hands down, mittens are warmer.
Gloves expose more surface area of the hand to cold air, as pointed out by the Harvard College. Link.
Mittens cons:
Dexterity: such as zippers, or having to remove your gloves every time you need to send a text or read an email. 
The other con is style but the New York Times noted, in winter sports attire, the mitten has been making a “significant inroad against its venerable rival, the glove.” Link. 
The Glove Guru’s solution:

Convertible mittens: These fingerless gloves with an attached flap that turns the gloves into mittens. They are stylish. They come in many styles. They are gender friendly. Kids love them, too. The price is right as well, so they make for great gifts. 
Maybe GO Convertible Mittens will finally put the debate to rest. Buy some today for delivery by Thanksgiving. Why wait until the first day of winter to arrive on December 21st. It’s here now. 
See them among other mittens at this link:  GO Mittens

Heat – Liquid and Steam Proof Glove

I haven’t addressed Heat Resistant Gloves in a long time but a recent customer request reminded me that I needed to make this post for customers looking for these types of gloves. 
This particular model, MAPA’s Temp-Tec 517 – Insulated Neoprene Glove, is a very popular model for a variety of heat, liquid, steam, and chemical resistant uses. Users range from industrial customers to workers in the food and restaurant industry. 
Despite its bulk they are surprisingly dexterous and the heat resistance exceeds normal requirements. 
You can view our other heat resistant gloves at this link: