Welding Glove and Garment product line expanded.

I am pleased to announce that due to customer demand we have recently expanded the depth and range of our product line of Welding Gloves, including the addition of some high-quality Garments. 

Our focus and selections are exclusive to the Caiman and Ironcat welding product line by PIP due to the higher quality and range of product for both TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and Stick Welding Professionals.

Like our expansion a few years ago in the Electrical Glove Safety product line which has led to a dramatic increase in our customer base among electricians and utility companies, we feel that the same increase will occur in our welding segments due to the broader quality of our offerings and our highly affordable pricing.

We’ve sold welding gloves since 1999 and there have been many changes over the years and during this time, we also learned the good and bad of welding gloves. Therefore, our new focus is all about customer satisfaction and we have discontinued selling those low-cost inferior welding gloves.

The most intriguing issue that I have discovered over the years is the many intricate features and details in the Caiman Welding Gloves that many take for granted and are not found in other welding gloves. Simple details like their famous Kontour design (natural anatomical shape of the hand) and Keystone Thumbs for natural ergonomic fit, high dexterity, and comfort which is vital when you are required to wear gloves for longer periods. Another aspect is the extra patches and padding on high wear areas to increase the life of the gloves. I mention these important details since they are not found in competing welding gloves which we used to carry and sell.

It is also important to note that your welding gloves should be stitched with 100% Kevar thread which is abrasion resistant and heat/flame resistant that extends the life of the glove unlike gloves with traditional fibers and threads that will fail when exposed to abrasion, high heat, and sparks.

On that note, you will find that we added some cut resistant welding glove models to our line. It should be noted that the welding process itself doesn’t generally pose any cut or laceration hazard, but the tasks performed prior to and after welding where these hazards can be found such as the general handling of raw materials like sheet metal.

Link: Welding Gloves and Garments

Welding Garments

We have also added some very useful high-quality welding jackets and a nice welding apron to our welding product line. As one professional welding person told me recently, “jackets are the number one product purchased by welders since they really can’t weld without one”.

Link: Welding Garments

As always, let me know if you have any questions and thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru