A Tenacious UV Protective Work and Garden Glove

It amazes me that common work, gardening, and landscaping gloves used outdoors do not offer UV protection since skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. Too much sun can cause skin cancer according to the CDC.

Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. UV rays are an invisible kind of radiation that comes from the sun and UV rays can damage skin cells.

As noted by the CDC, protection from UV rays is important all year, not just during the summer months. Did you know that UV rays can reach you on cloudy and cool days, and they reflect off surfaces like water, cement, sand and even snow. Therefore, it is very important to wear certified UV protective work gloves when working outdoors to reduce the risk of skin cancers.

Many heavy-duty work gloves like full leathers, welding and rubber electrical safety gloves offer natural UV protection due to their thickness but most common thinner work and garden gloves do not offer any UV protection.

I am proud to say that we have offered a very tenacious multi-purpose work and garden glove with certified UV protection since 2009 and many of our customers are not aware of this unique feature in this very popular and versatile work glove.

These gloves are our famous GO Greens® Bamboo Gloves.

These gloves have many unique features but the feature most overlooked is the UV protection that they offer.

The GO Greens® Bamboo Gloves provide excellent UV protection from UV-A and UV-B rays naturally without any chemical treatments. Certified independent tests demonstrate that they block 99.97% of both UV-A and UV-B rays and have a UPF 50+ rating. This UPF (UV Protection Factor) rating is used for textiles and should not be confused with the SPF rating for FDA compliant sunscreen products.

These multi-purpose earth friendly form fitting coated work gloves are also made from sustainable bamboo, are 100% biodegradable, anti-bacterial, very economic, fiber wicks away moisture, and extremely durable with a high grip foam coating. They are also Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified.

Since I am discussing UV protection, I would also like to add that we also offer warm weather cooling sleeves that also offer UV protection and are great for people who work outdoors during the hot summer months. You can find them by typing UV in our search bar or at the UV Protection Glove link below.

If it is important for you, we have copies of the UV protection testing certification on the GO Greens® Bamboo Gloves in the glove listing on our web site.

As usual, it amazes me that other glove manufacturers have not paid attention to the benefits of UV protection in work gloves that they make but we are true glove expert developers and manufacturers and try to cover all the protection bases in gloves when we can. However, the natural UV protection benefits of our unique bamboo fiber made my job very easy with the GO Greens® Bamboo Gloves.


GO Greens Bamboo Gloves

UV Protection Gloves

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

Everything you need to know about Bamboo Gloves

Today, marks three (3) years since I launched the GO Greens® Bamboo Gloves web site. Most of you are already familiar with the GO Greens®gloves but you may not be aware with the numerous benefits that our gloves made from bamboo offer.
It’s worthwhile looking at the GO Greens®Gloves web site and learn why I embarked on year-long effort developing these gloves over 3 years ago.  You will discover, like me, things like 100% biodegradability (compostable), 10 times stronger than cotton, natural UV resistance, low costs, eco-friendly, and so forth. 
There is even an enlightening section on the web site that educates you about bamboo and the virtues of products made from bamboo – the most sustainable plant on earth.  
If I knew 20 years ago what I know today about bamboo, I would have planted bamboo plantations in the coastal plains of eastern North Carolina to replace tobacco.  I might be a lot wealthier but then I would have missed the fun bringing the GO Greens® Bamboo gloves to the world. 

GO Greens Bamboo Gloves – 3 Years and 10 ½ tons later

This week marks the 3rd Anniversary of the introduction of our GO Greens Bamboo Gloves
Out of curiosity, I reviewed our files and discovered that we have produced over 10 ½ tons of our bamboo gloves. That’s 21,375 US lbs. to save you time calculating. It’s not surprising if you look at our warehouse and the ocean freight shipping containers behind our loading dock. 
However, the weight numbers are surprising when you pick up a pair of these lightweight but heavy duty multi-purpose utility gloves made from bamboo. 
As a GO Green Glove user, you’ve made our planet greener, our air fresher, reduced landfill burden, and saved yourself some money at the same time. 
If you’re not a user yet and want to learn more about GO Green Gloves click on this link: GO Greens Bamboo Gloves 
Since our GO Green Glove business continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how the next three years will weigh out. 

Gardening Gloves – A guide to protect your hands

Every gardener knows that a good pair of gloves is an essential gardening tool. However, with the many types of gloves available, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Here’s a simple
guide by type to help you with your choice.
(see links in titles below)

Leather and Pruning Gloves

Leather gloves are the standard for strength and
durability. You chose from standard driver’s styles to models used for wire fencing. For pruning, purchase a pair of pruning gloves specifically designed for pruning with reinforced arm protection. If you are working in wet conditions look for pigskin gloves since they will dry soft if they get wet. Newer artificial leather gloves are fine and will last longer than natural leather.

Cotton and Jersey Gloves
Cotton and Jersey gloves are the most popular because they are inexpensive but they have
limitations. They are breathable and lightweight and will keep your hands clean and protect you
from blisters. However, they will absorb moisture and not protect you from chemicals or cuts and
abrasions. Also, they are not very durable or long-lasting. 

Disposable Gloves (Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl PVC)
I do not recommend using disposable gloves since they are not durable and do not offer proper
protection against most chemicals and pesticides. Plus, latex gloves will dissolve when exposed to
gasoline or motor oils used in lawnmowers.

Rubber Gloves
Although rubber gloves tend to be hot, they offer great protection against moisture and most
chemicals. If you only need moisture protection – natural rubber is fine. However, I suggest you
look for nitrile or vinyl gloves for use with chemicals and pesticides.

Bamboo Knit Gloves
These are becoming extremely popular since they are earth friendly, last long, fit and feel
great, and inexpensive. They also come with a coated palm for added protection and grip. My
personal biased choice is the GO Greens® Bamboo Gloves from GO Gloves.

Spring for some UV Protective Gloves with GO Greens Bamboo Gloves

It’s that time of year again when you begin to work outdoors. It’s also time to begin to think about UV protection for your hands from the sun’s rays. 
GO Greens™ provide excellent UV protection from UV-A and UV-B rays naturally without any chemical treatments. Certified independent tests demonstrate that they block 99.97% of both UV-A and UV-B rays and have a UPF 50+ rating. This UPF (UV Protection Factor) rating is used for textiles and should not be confused with the SPF rating used for FDA compliant sunscreen products.
These earth friendly, form fitting coated gloves are made from sustainable bamboo, are biodegradable, anti-bacterial, very economic, and extremely durable. 
Click on the “title” of this post to see the GO Greens Gloves in action and for more information. 
GO Greens are also great (and profitable) for fundraising events.