Best Marching Band and Parade Gloves

US NAVY Marching Band

Since 1996, we have provided a variety of Marching Band Gloves and Parade Gloves to a wide range of customers and today, we now offer (if you can imagine) over 40 different styles. These styles fulfill the needs for school bands, university marching bands, military, and honor guard units. Besides the marching band units, our models also serve to provide that parade look for banner carriers, cheerleaders, drill team units, and flag bearers.

We are also very honored and proud to be the official supplier to the Military Honor Guard Units at the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. among others across the USA. The Honor Guard staff people have been our most loyal customers for many years and we thank you.

Important feature

Before I discuss our various marching band gloves and parade gloves, I feel the need to point out an especially important feature in our parade gloves which is frequently overlooked when you buy gloves.

Keystone thumb feature: I am sorry to repeat myself since I have discussed this feature many times in the past, but it is essential. This feature may not seem to be particularly important, but it is if you want the gloves to be comfortable, form fitting, and ergonomically fit the user. Think of the comfort and dexterity required by marching band instrument members who must wear and use the gloves for exceptionally long periods of time. This includes the dexterity that is needed and required by musicians.

Note: To identify a keystone thumb glove model, these are where the thumb piece is made separately and set into and sewn into the palm of the glove. Gloves without a keystone thumb are simply two pieces of fabric laid out and cut to the shape of the hand and sewn together. Our hands are not designed this way and therefore, gloves without a keystone thumb are less comfortable and provide less dexterity. Gloves without a keystone thumb are also a sign of a lower quality and cheaply made glove. This is an essential feature in almost any glove except for some rugged heat resistant and some industrial work gloves such as welding gloves.

Best seller: This is a question that is frequently asked, and I always ask, “What are you using them for first?” However, for general use, we always suggest our CP-250 White Parade Gloves and we also offer them in a CP-250-BK black model version. These are 100% high quality cotton with ornamental stitching located the back of the gloves for a more ceremonial look. This model is also available in an Extra Long version which is the CP-250-12 Model

Our CP-250 White Parade Gloves

Parade Glove Styles

Glove Lengths: We offer a glove style for every requirement. Our styles include our wrist length models to our extended cuff (Extra Long Cuff) which run between 10 to 12” in length. Many customers prefer the extended lengths if they wish to hide their skin for that sharp military style look.

Glove Grip: We also have models with micro-dotted palms in both lengths which offer superior grip.

Deluxe Grip Glove Model: This popular model is a more rugged version of our normal beaded grip gloves with reinforcements throughout the glove and denser beads on the palms and fingers. This model also has a reinforced thumb cotch for extended life of the glove. They also come with a Velcro wrist strap closure for a very snug fit. This model is available in a White (MC-517) or black color (MC-571-BK).  

Glove Cuff Options: The most popular cuff option of choice is the slip-on version. Most of these models come with a shirred (gathered) wrist for a snug fit and to prevent the gloves from slipping off. Another option are models with a snap cuff. Although these gloves look sharp close up, I’m not a fan of these models since the snaps can break and can become useless over time. Many customers like the look of these gloves but I always try to encourage our customers to purchase gloves with a slip-on cuff. The exception here would be our “Deluxe Grip Glove” with the Velcro cuff closure reviewed above.

Cold Weather Glove Model: Another option is our Extended Length Fleece Lined White Honor Guard Glove models for use in cold weather conditions. However, we do not make a lined model in the wrist length gloves for obvious reasons. Our Lined Cold Weather Glove Model also comes with a standard plain palm and a dotted palm if more grip is required. Look for the CP-422 and the CP-422-PD models.

Colored Glove Models:

Most of our Cotton Parade Gloves come in both black and white color options. However, for over 25 years we have made and sold Flash Colored Gloves.

Our Flash Gloves, as they are commonly called, are made using high quality “stretch” polyester fabric since they are more universally sized (one size fits most) and not as size critical with dyed cotton versions. It should be noted that we make both Men’s Flash Gloves and Women’s Flash Gloves models.

Another advantage of using polyester is that polyester fibers, being a polymer, can be made in very vibrant colors and will not fade or lose their color like cotton. It should be noted that our polyester material looks and feels like cotton opposed to the shiny cheap polyester that used to be made into clothing in the 60’s.

Important Features in the colored gloves is to make sure the polyester is a soft stretchy material due to sizing issues and, again, make sure that they have a Keystone Thumb Feature as previously discussed above.

Three Colored Glove Models:

We offer our Flash Gloves in 3 models. The most popular are the solid color models which come in both Men’s and Women’s models. The other model is our Flash 2 Color Glove Model. The two-color models have a white top with a colored palm. The purpose of the two-color model is that the performers look like they are wearing traditional white gloves while marching which turns into a color as they do a dance routine showing their palms in unison. This is a nice visual element when you see a performance using the two-color models.

Colors: The Ladies Flash Gloves come in 8 vivid colors; the Men’s Flash gloves come in 5 popular colors; and the Two-Color Flash Gloves come in 9 colors. 

Ladies Flash Gloves

Men’s Flash Gloves

Ladies Two Color Flash Gloves

In conclusion, I hope I have covered most of the important details regarding Band Gloves and Parade Gloves. You should also be able to see more specific details about each model in the product details by following the links provided.

I know that everyone like me enjoys watching live marching band performances and I hope that this season unlike last season due to the Covid Virus issues is exciting and lively once again.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with selecting a parade glove, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay safe with gloves and thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

What does Graham Nash, the legendary rock musician, have to do with gloves?

The answer is rather simple and goes back to his days when he also pioneered digital print formats based on his passion for photography. Those were the days when digital format began to overtake conventional photographic processing.

I should also mention that this is not a typical post about glove suggestions or solutions but a bit more about some of my personal history with gloves and our ESD Anti-Static Gloves that I mentioned in my previous post. However, for those of you who enjoy a bit of nostalgia, then you will enjoy learning more about my introduction with Graham. I do fun posts like this on my Blog relating to my history with gloves about twice a year and I know my subscribers enjoy these stories based on the replies I receive.

Legendary rockers Crobsy, Stills, Nash & Young perform Tuesday, March 7, 2000, at Reunion Arena in Dallas. Band members are, from left, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Neil Young and David Crosby. (AP Photo/Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Samuel Morales)

As most everyone in the world knows, Graham Nash is famously known as one of the founders of the popular UK rock group “The Hollies” in the 60’s and later came to fame as one of the founders of the famous rock group, “Crosby, Stills and Nash” later named “Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young” when Neil Young joined the group. He also produced some music as a solo artist which clearly exhibited his unique style and originality. For instance, I recall visiting an old dear friend of mine, Carlos Santarelli, at Lafayette University in Pennsylvania in the 70’s, over a very “fun” weekend and he was playing some new songs in his dorm room and I asked…. “Who was that playing… it’s nice”? He said, “Graham Nash, you know him, right?”  I said yes and was surprised to learn that Graham ventured out on his own at the time.

I met Graham during a PMA photographic imaging trade show in 1991 in New York City while we were exhibiting our popular photo lab and special anti-static gloves. Those were the days when photographic processing was routinely done in photo labs, but that process was rapidly transforming to digital processing.

As I learned, Graham was there lecturing on his pioneering technology of large-scale digital graphics image printing. He is also the founder of Nash Editions, which is still a leading digital print company located in Southern California. As a matter of fact, his first digital printer and one of its first published works – Nash’s 1969 portrait of David Crosby – have been in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

After he introduced himself and his business partner, Mac Holbert, to me, which was a bit of a shock at first, he was intrigued by our ESD Anti-Static Gloves. I provided him with the technical aspects, and he was also fascinated by our imitation hand glove prop that featured someone wearing our ESD Anti-Static glove.

He was a very congenial man which was nice to experience, and he asked me if he could borrow my gloved hand prop for a photo exhibit he was entering. I agreed if he returned it as soon as he was finished with his project.

He personally returned the glove prop and thanked me. I learned the next day that the image he made of our glove prop was prominently featured in a special event during the trade show and I believe he even won an award for the image.

As a matter of fact, his photo image even made the cover of the DIGIT magazine, which was one of the first magazines to pioneer the new digital age in photography. He was even quoted by the editor about the glove pop as someone was setting up the shoot for an advertisement and he asked them, “Can you lend me a hand?” Hence, our gloves were the backdrop for the use of his technology.

His image of our glove prop which was featured on the cover of this magazine is the image in this post. I also have a signed copy of the actual image in our offices. His company also became a customer of our special gloves.

I had the pleasure to meet Graham again after this show since he often attended some subsequent photo imaging shows and he would always stop by our exhibit to say hello.

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

All-Day ESD High Performance (Anti-Static) Static Dissipative Gloves

These high performance Anti-Static gloves were one of my first patented glove inventions going back to 1991. In November of 1991, I proclaimed when we introduced these new ESD gloves “that we will change static control procedures at the stroke of a hand”. This claim eventually became true.

FYI: ESD stands for electrostatic discharge.

Our ESD Gloves were also made famous by the legendary rock musician Graham Nash. See footnote.

The basis of the concept was initiated by an unusual question from one of my photo glove dealers from England during a trade show in Las Vegas at a photo industry trade show.

For those of you who enjoy a bit of nostalgia, at this time we were largest manufacturer and supplier in the world of special lint-free knit glove liners that photographic professionals and photo labs used in handling photo films and prints. I’m sure many of you remember the days of those one-hour photo mini-labs that dotted the landscape and local pharmacies around the world. We still sell these gloves today but to a limited number of users that deal with handing delicate photographic prints and precious artwork since the world has since gone digital.

Being a large dealer in the UK and EU markets with our photo gloves and knowledgeable about photographic processing pitfalls, my dealer mentioned that he wished I could make an anti-static glove model to remove static charges from films to help eliminate the films from attracting dust and lint due to the high build-up of static on the films during the drying process. This was because the dust and lint particles left white specs on the finished photo images and prints.  The only other option at the time was to use special and very expensive anti-static brushes. However, having a glove like our photo liners that protected processors from leaving fingerprints and hand oils on the photographic negatives as well as remove the static build-up at the same time would be extremely useful and practical.

To make a long story short and due to my creative instincts, I set out to the local university engineering libraries to learn what I could about static and how to deal with it. The fortunate issue was that I live in an area of the country that hosts many computer manufacturing companies that must deal with static problems with static sensitive computer chips and computer boards.

My biggest challenge was to find a company that could make me a semi-conductive fiber that I could knit into a thin 13-gauge glove. I originally found a fiber made in Pennsylvania made with a carbon compound that was effective, but the fiber broke down quickly due to flexibility when knit into a glove making them useless over time.

My next prototypes were made using a silver coated fiber but they were too expensive and too conductive for the type of static control flow that I was seeking.

After extensive research, I eventually found a company in Asia that could coat my thin nylon 6/6 fibers with a special copper semi-conductive solution and the rest is history.

Today, we sell our ESD Gloves world-wide, and we help many manufactures and users with the following applications:

Our ESD Gloves are ideal for handling delicate static sensitive parts, films, electronic instruments, circuit boards and components. Assembly and repair work in electronics, telecommunications, precision instrumentation and optics, etc. Video film handling and motion picture industry. They are also a vital component used in the Electrostatic painting, powder coating, and petrochemical industry.

For those of you looking for a superior Anti-Static ESD glove that meets your criteria see the points below.

Unique Electro-Static Properties

  • Patented continuous filament fiber
  • Greater static dissipation
  • Contains no carbon compound fibers
  • No surface chemical finishes or treatments
  • Reduces static build-up by corona discharge
  • Complete uniform resistivity throughout entire glove
  • Built-in writs strap properties

Unequaled Comfort and Design

  • Ultra-thin, lightweight and close fit
  • More resilient and flexible than cotton
  • Eliminates finger prints and scratches
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Reduces clamminess, perspiration and sweating
  • Ends allergic reactions and rashes from latex
  • Can also be used as a glove liner
  • Universal size – One size fits all
  • Ambidextrous
  • Offers natural sensitivity, flexibility, dexterity and less bulk
  • Dust free, continuous filament yarn (not spun)
  • Breathable knit and seam-free construction


  • Built-in writs strap properties
  • Durable
  • Universal size
  • Reusable/Washable
  • Wear all day

Typical Specifications

  • Average surface resistivity: <104 Ohms/Sq.
  • ASTM D 257 specification, Class I – Category A
  • Static decay: 5 KV to 0 V = <0.1 sec.

I hope that this synopsis has been helpful to learn more about the evolution of these superior anti-static ESD gloves and provides the technical information you need to help select the proper ESD glove for your particular use.

As a footnote, I will soon be posting a brief about what the legendary rock musician, Graham Nash, has to do with our All-Day ESD Anti-Static gloves. Stay tuned, it’s an interesting story.  

Link to: All-Day ESD Antistatic Gloves

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

That Glove-Guru

A look back at GO GLOVES® on the Internet

For those of you internet affectionados who find an interest in the history of the internet fascinating and intriguing, you may be enlightened to learn a little bit about the internet history of GO GLOVES with some unique and now ancient images.

You can find other information about GO GLOVES here on this blog using the “categories section” or using the “search” function since this post only focuses on our interesting internet history with images.

It all began in 1996, even before Google and Amazon had their internet presence, that I embraced the internet as a glove developer and manufacturer.

Back then, according to my research, you may find it unbelievable that there were only 100,000 web sites on the world-wide web compared to over 160 million by 2008. Today, it is estimated that there is over 1.83 billion web sites.

I am proud to say that we were one of those 100,000 web sites even before Google and Amazon. So, we do have some bragging rights here none the less. As a matter of fact, we were actually the first glove company in the world to launch a web site.

A few of you may recall that the dominate browser in 1996 was Netscape and the Netscape Navigator. This browser eventually became the backbone for the current Mozilla Firefox browser.

In order to easily show and illustrate our progress from 1996, I am using only a few actual snap shots of our Home Page that I saved and archived over the years. There are many shots that I have but these represent the major improvements and up-grades that we have made since 1996. The shots actually speak for themselves. I have no doubt that looking back will bring a chuckle to most of you.

I will refrain from going into any history here other than some simple footnotes. There is historical information located in the links on the right hand navigation for those of you looking for more details about us as I previously mentioned.

1996: Our very first and now ancient static Home Page designated as “Your Web Resource for Gloves”

1998: Glove navigation introduced with our first and very primitive shopping cart with online payment processing.

2008: Easy and improved glove navigation via unique glove category linking.

2012: Glove Categories improved for easier navigation between consumer gloves to industrial work gloves.

2021: Today, with our formal branding to GO GLOVES

Today, we own and manage over 31 URL domains and 23 of them are related directly to GO GLOVES.

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

The Best Coated Work Glove for Men and Women

The Best Coated Work Glove for Men and Women

In my opinion, the most versatile and best coated work gloves for both men and women are the Maxiflex Ultimate Seamless Knit Nylon/Lycra Gloves with Nitrile Coated Micro-Foam Grip 34-874 by ATG-PIP. Our Product Code: WK-C874.  

We have sold these tried-and-true coated grip work gloves for over 17 years now since 2007 when they were first introduced to the USA by the John Ward Company now named ATG.

FYI: ATG is the same manufacturer of the popular Maxiflex; Maxicut; Maxidry; and Maxichem lines of coated work gloves.

I cannot say enough about these gloves but for starters how can anyone object to a durable yet light-weight, breathable, and long-lasting work glove for “half the price” of a good pint of craft beer. I will add a sales pitch here by mentioning that we also offer the lowest pricing on these gloves due to our high purchasing power and we pass the savings onto our customers.

I will provide a brief as possible narrative about these gloves which reflects on my experiences and phone calls with these gloves over the years. It may seem a bit lengthy but then this post remains in perpetuity for years to come on the internet archives and will help save time down the road as a good reference for buyers looking for a great coated work glove. This way, you or anyone can refer to this post or share the link. It would also be inappropriate for me to include all of these features and benefits in the product description on our web site but I can link to this post to help buyers.

I will start by sharing a story about one of our customers who is the masonry and brick laying industry. The owner, who happens to be local, stopped by our facility looking for good work gloves for his brick layer employees. After a brief discussion, I went back to our warehouse and handed him a pair of these Maxiflex gloves. He immediately looked at me like I was used car salesman and said, “These are too lightweight. I need a glove that is more durable.”  I told him to test them out first and let me know what he thinks.

After a few days, he stopped by again and purchased a few cases (244 pairs) and he has since become a large repeat customer for these Maxiflex 34-874 Gloves since.

In conclusion, you do not have to be a mason to comprehend the incredible wear and tear that these gloves would endure every-day.

I should also point out that these gloves come in a Coated Palm and Finger version; a Coated Palm, Finger, and Knuckle version; a Full Hand Coated version; a Cut Resistant version; and a Hi-Visibility version. My focus here will be on the most popular Palm and Finger Coated version but most of the same attributes apply to the other models as well.  I will add links to each of the models above at the bottom of this post.

One big feature is that these coated grip gloves are sized for both Men and Women since they come in sizes XXS to XXXL.

Features and Benefits:

  • Micro-Foam Nitrile coatings are very compatible for use with light oils and petroleum’s, and they will provide a great grip in both wet and dry conditions and they have excellent abrasion resistance as exemplified by my mason users example above.
  • The knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove.
  • 100% Silicone free which prevents clogged pores on your hand and prevents trapping bacteria.
  • Patented micro-foam nitrile coating offers 360° breathability which is a nice feature to have in a work glove that you need to wear all-day long.
  • These gloves are 25% thinner than most any foam coated nitrile gloves on the market. This provides you with a very high-level of dexterity.
  • The design of these gloves (all models) mimics the “hand at rest” position. This significantly reduces hand fatigue and increases the gloves comfort.
  • The micro-cup finish (like mini suction cups) allows for a controlled and optimized grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • CFIA Approved. (Canadian Food Industry Approved)
  • Complies with FDA food handling requirements 21 CFR, Part 177. These last 2 features demonstrate the safety with these gloves in all environments which has become very important these days due to inferior and risky glove imports.
  • These gloves are machine washable, too. This is a cost saving feature and I personally wash them while wearing them just like normally washing your hands.

A few application examples include General Assembly; Micro-Engineering; Automotive; Painting, Factory work; Construction; Painting; Manufacturing; Warehousing; Packaging Assembly, Delivery workers; and Horticulture.  

We offer these 34-874 Maxiflex Gloves in various options including the sizes I previously mentioned. The options include ordering by the pair; a 3 Pak, by the dozen, or by the case (144 pair). You can even mix sizing when ordering in bulk by specifying the sizing mix you would like in the special instruction box during the check out process.

Lastly, EN388 Performance:

Links to this model and the other similar models: 4131

Thank you for subscribing and please let me know if you have any questions.

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

Beaded Cotton Grip Gloves

Our popular Beaded (Micro-Dot) Cotton Grip Gloves serve many functions and purposes!

Shown is our Deluxe Beaded Cotton Gloves MC-571

As I was preparing this post, it occurred to me that it is a possibility that many of you were unaware that these Beaded Cotton Grip Gloves even existed and only found by someone searching and finding our listings on an internet search due to needing a nice grip glove to remedy a solution where you need to wear cotton type gloves but need an enhanced grip.

GO GLOVES® has been making and selling cotton gloves with “micro” beads embedded on the palms and fingers for 30 years.  We refer to our dotting process as Micro-Dot. We initially started with our wrist length model (MC-550) and today we now make over 8 different cotton models and styles that are unique from one another. Each model serves to address the various functions that users need for their specific purpose and use.

The one common factor with each model is that they have exceptionally durable micro beads embedded on the palms and fingers that are almost invisible to the eye. The beaded process that we use lasts the full life of the gloves themselves which saves you money from useless grip gloves. The micro beads also offer great grip even in wet environments like restaurants (i.e., catering and servers) and they are washable and reusable for more cost savings.

The following are the various functions and uses that our clients use these gloves for (alpha): Airport Valet Gloves, Band Gloves, Banquet Gloves, Banner Carriers, Bellman Gloves, Catering Gloves, Church Gloves, Color Guard Gloves, Cotillion Gloves, Doorman Gloves, Flag Carriers, Fitness Gloves, Food Service Gloves, Funeral (Pallbearers) Gloves, Handbell Choir Gloves, Honor Guard Gloves, Hospitality Gloves, Parade Gloves, Parking Attendant Gloves, Santa Clause Gloves, Ticketing Agent Gloves, Trapeze Gloves, Uniform Gloves, Usher Gloves, Waiters and Server Gloves, and Valet Gloves.

I am sure there are a few other uses that I am not aware of and I would enjoy hearing back from anyone that uses our beaded grip gloves for a use that I have not listed. Your reply post will also help others looking for a grip glove for their particular use.

About our various models: We currently make the beaded cotton grip gloves in Wrist Length and Extra Long Length for users who need to hide their forearms such as band, honor guards, military, and Santa Clauses.

We even make a Fleece Lined Winter version which is extremely popular for honor guards, marching band members, military people, and Santa’s who need to work outdoors.

We also make each model in a Black color version. These are great when you need a glove that can get soiled quickly and you need to hide the soiled or stained look but the glove itself is still in good condition. 

Another unique model is our MC-571 Deluxe Beaded Grip Gloves that comes in White or Black colors. This model is a durable version with a Velcro Elastic Wrist Closure (for a tighter and enhanced fit) and is beaded and reinforced in the thumb crotch which is a high wear area. This adds to the durability and extends the life of the gloves. Examples are for use with Bell Choirs and gymnasts who need to wear gloves. Doormen and valets especially like these models, too.

I was going to list each of the 8 different models of the Cotton Beaded (Micro-Dot) Grip Gloves that we make and sell but to save you time reading a very lengthy post, we have a special category link which includes all 8 models in one category listing. This also makes it easier on our web site to find each model in one category rather than having to filter through all our cotton glove models which is very voluminous. We also highlight the features and benefits of each micro-beaded glove model in each of the individual listings. See the link below.

Link: Beaded Cotton Grip Gloves

I trust you found this post on our Cotton Beaded Grip Gloves useful and please let me know if you have any questions about any particular beaded model or if you have a question about your particular use.

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru


New Disposable Glove will change the way you think about disposable gloves

It is difficult for me to get excited about a humble disposable glove, but I need to share a new model that inspired me to make a post about this glove model. It is so versatile and unique in many ways that it makes them superior to any disposable glove that we currently carry or one that I have tested in years at GO GLOVES®.

The manufacturer, PIP, brands it as: Ambi-Dex Grippaz® Engage Superior Ambidextrous Nitrile Glove with Textured Fish Scale Grip – 7 mil

PIP Product Code: 67-307

We refer to is as product code: D-307

Sizing: Small to XXXL

They did a great job on the product name, but I need to characterize and define the many features and benefits with this Ambi-Dex Grippaz® model. I truly don’t want to bore you but I need to address the various features and benefits individually since they deserve to be addressed individually.

  • It has a patented, what they refer to as a “fish scale” design on the inside and outside of the glove which provides extra traction with oily or wet parts. This unique feature is much better than your typical “textured” disposable glove and this feature is not only on both sides of the glove but also on the inside which adds to the grip.
  • They refer to the texture as “fish scale” but I believe a better term would be “Traction Grip Non-Slip Design”.
  • It has a “rotated” thumb grip for secure precision grip of small parts. What they actually mean by this claim is, in fact, another unique attribute. The textured “fish-scale” feature is on the inside (lateral) of the thumb which mean it is located where it counts. I was initially puzzled when I read the claim since these are manufactured on a porcelain mold. I’m well aware of how these gloves are made since I manufactured disposable gloves back in 1989. PIP’s engineers deserve some kudos on this simple but unique manufacturing feature.
  • 100% nitrile provides resistance to many chemicals used in industrial applications. This claim is particularly important for most of you who do not know about the various polymers or rubber used in disposable gloves. First and foremost is that these are latex-free which are prone to allergic reactions and all latex models immediately deteriorate in the presence of any oil or petroleum substance. Today, Nitrile is the premier material of choice in most disposable, waterproof, and chemical resistant gloves.
  • Made with a specially formulated organic compound that gives excellent performance with all food types including “fatty” foods. This is a particularly important element for gloves used in food preparation and processing.
  • Amplified dexterity for enhanced comfort, mobility, and less hand fatigue.
  • Increased puncture resistance outlasts conventional disposables which helps reduce glove waste and glove costs.
  • 7 Mil thickness – This thickness equates to a higher strength glove which is less likely to rip when putting them on. Typical high-use disposable gloves are normally around 4 to 5 Mil but again these are a higher-quality glove. I should point out that most people do not feel the difference in gloves ranging between 4 to 7 Mil but a little bit more means a lot more in this case.
  • Better fit than traditional household gloves. This seems like a trivial fact but you will notice this feature the moment you put on a pair.
  • Form-fitting beaded cuff can be worn over a glove liner.
  • Touch Screen Friendly. A funny note on this is that I often see people automatically remove their disposable gloves when answering or texting on their cell phones and many people do not realize that most disposable gloves are also touch screen friendly. I bet most of you never realized this. <smile>
  • Powder-Free to reduce allergic reactions. On this issue as I have mentioned in previous posts, the trend today is moving to powder-free gloves in general and even the FDA has banned the use of powdered gloves in 2016 for use in the healthcare industry. Plus, powdered gloves are more expensive.
  • Complies with FDA food handling requirements 21 CFR 177.2600.
  • AQL Testing: 1.5 < This test standard is the “Acceptable Quality Limit” based on the testing of large production runs which tests for any and all glove defects. An AQL test of 1.5 is equal to that with medical exam gloves, so these gloves have a great threshold which means you are buying a very high-quality glove.
  • These gloves are ideal for both men and women and the come in sizes from Small to XXXL for men with exceptionally large hands. On sizing, I brought home a pair for my wife to test since she wears gloves daily when washing the dishes and doing household chores. Being particular about the gloves she wears, she has since ditched the gloves she has used for years and has switched to these due to the fit, the dexterity, the thinness, and the nice grip feature without having to use a thicker and bulkier textured waterproof glove.
  • The new Orange Color is another plus since it provides for enhanced eye-to-hand visual sharpness and acuity.

In conclusion, I am happy to introduce you to these unique disposable gloves and please feel free to email me if any of you have any questions about these or any other glove issues. I also hope some of you found this post helpful and useful.

Link: D-307 Ambi-Dex Grippaz Nitrile Glove

Link: Disposable Gloves

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru


GO GLOVES® Announces Rebranding!

GO GLOVES® Announces Rebranding!

Cary, NC., March 9, 2021— Gloves-Online, Inc., a leading glove manufacturer and Internet Retailer since 1996, is rebranding its visual identity and mission that reflects a positive relationship with our customers and corporate clients. Our new brand will be called, GO GLOVES®.

“Our vision is to become the most loved, most trusted, and the most innovative glove company in the glove business,” said Joe McGarry, CEO of Gloves-Online, Inc., “and our mission is to build a better identity for our customers. The rebrand will not just be cosmetic – we are taking this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach in the market as a whole. We continually strive to be better at everything we do, every day, for every client and customer.”

Soon, we will unveil a new corporate logo that will be more modern, streamlined, and simplify our brand identity.  Of course, one thing that will remain constant is to be known as Gloves-Online since our founding in 1996. Most customers know us GO, that glove company when they call us, so rebranding to GO GLOVES® was always in our plans and it has now become the logical pathway for our future.

Our corporate identity will remain as Gloves-Online, Inc. but our “brand” will become known as GO GLOVES®.

GO Gloves® has actually been a Federally Registered U.S. Trademark since December 1, 2009. Registration Number:  3,719,833.

Today, there are many ways to find us if you are shopping on the internet. You can even find us on Amazon under our brand: GO GLOVES. You can also type in GO Gloves on your favorite browser and see the links to our web site or even type in in your URL bar and be instantly directed to our Home page. As usual, we’ve made it very easy for you to find us effortlessly without any hurdles or searches.

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Glove Liners solve many problems with outer and Disposable Gloves

Glove Liners solve many problems with outer and Disposable Gloves

Due to the new increase in Disposable Gloves demand and usage created by the need for additional protection from the Covid-19 virus crisis, problems associated with the increase in many Disposable Gloves raises new troubles for users. Problems like allergic reactions, excess seating, rashes, eczema, hand odor, etc.   

I have recently written about our GO All-Day Protective Glove Liners, now made for us by the Wells Lamont Industrial Glove Company, but I felt compelled to highlight some of the products features and benefits here on my Blog. This way it becomes an important and permanent archive on the internet to help users with difficulties associated with disposable gloves and other types of outer gloves.

I am going to highlight the Features and Benefits in these Glove Liners for easier reading and reference along with some notations.

GO All-Day Protective Glove Liners

First and foremost, the ultra-thin design will change the way you “feel” about disposable and outer gloves. 

Secondly, the most often overlooked benefit with these liners is that the smooth finish makes it easier to slip on and remove all types of outer gloves. If you use disposable gloves on a routine basis, you know what I am talking about and this single benefit alone can be a huge reason to use these liners. 

Product Features

Creates a barrier to latex, rubber and other types of plastic and polymer gloves. 

Minimizes allergic reactions and rashes.

Reduces perspiration, sweating and clamminess.

Unequaled Comfort

The ergonomic and stretch-knit design help reduce hand strain, providing natural sensitivity, flexibility, dexterity and less bulk for the wearer throughout the day unlike other glove liners.

Eliminates the need for powder and powdered gloves which have been banned by the FDA for medical use.

Smooth finish facilitates easy slip on and removal of outer gloves.

Special cuffs hold the liners in place while removing outer gloves.

Keeps inside of over gloves clean, eliminating odors.

Unique Material

Washable and reusable

100% continuous soft nylon filament fiber (feels like cotton) makes this liner thin and comfortable.

Ideal for people having issues with disposable gloves.

Full length for maximum protection.

Suitable for Critical Environment

Clean Room Compatible – Category Type II

Dust and lint free



Wear all day.

Fully Launderable, reducing cost of replacement and waste. (Withstands up to 30 washings)



Available in sizes from Small to XL

Packaged in 20 Pair Packs and available in Case quantities of 10 packs.

NOTE: We also offer these same gloves in a Finger-less – Half Finger Model.

Link: All-Day Half-Finger Glove Liner

Although, I was the original developer of these unique liners back in 1989, I also want to thank Pat Connor, the CE (Critical Environment) Glove Guru at Wells Lamont, for his insight and assistance. I also want to thank David Arambula, our right-hand guy at Wells Lamont, for his assistance. Earlier this week, we had a very productive Zoom Meeting to get me up to date on new issues with user demand, packaging, and production so that I could complete this posting. Thanks, guys!

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