Thin Cut Resistant Gloves

GO Gloves is proud to introduce the “newest” and “thinnest” Cut Resistant Coated Work Gloves available with Touch Screen compatibility.

This is worthwhile reading regarding cut resistant work gloves.

Everyone knows the old colloquial phrase – “Thin is in”. However, this is almost an understatement when it comes to these new thin cut resistant gloves introduced by G-Tek. These gloves offer unparalleled dexterity and deliver ultra lightweight 360° high (Level A5) cut protection.

These new gloves are referred to as the:

G-Tek Polykor Seamless Nitrile Foam Grip Coated Touchscreen Thin 21 Gauge Cut Resistant Gloves – 16-351

Let me give you a little perspective and background on cut resistant gloves for those that may not be familiar with the new 21 Gauge thickness. This is the unique and breakthrough feature in cut resistant glove technology. This is like bare-hands, and they feel like wearing a thin disposable healthcare glove.

For example, going back to the 80’s and early 90’s gloves made with Kevlar fibers was the standard since it provided cut resistance and heat resistance. However, Kevlar was a thick heavy denier dense fiber, and the gloves were a thick 7 gauge and 10 gauge. Some of these models are still made and sold today since thicker gloves are often required in higher heat operations that also require cut resistance. We still sell many of these popular Kevlar gloves. As a footnote, today there are some blends of Kevlar in thinner versions, but the cut resistance is not as high as many thinner, newer cut resistant gloves.

Eventually, with advancements in fiber technology, the industry began to see new cut resistant 13-gauge gloves and recently some newer 15-gauge models which are very thin and becoming very popular. 

Now, with the introduction of these new 21-gauge ultra-thin cut resistant models, they will begin to alter and lead to a new demand in cut resistant gloves. This is my prediction once users learn about these gloves and purchase a few pair.

The additional and most important aspect and feature of these new gloves is that they offer an astonishing ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Level A5 Cut Protection. To put this level of cut protection in perspective, most thin coated cut resistant gloves test in with a cut resistance around A3 which is also nice but obviously A5 is much better and preferred. Normally, A5 cut resistant gloves or higher are only offered in heavier and much thicker cut resistant work gloves.

The proprietary fiber is an HPPE fiber (High Performance Polyethylene) is a thermoplastic polyethylene-based fiber. 

The other nice feature is the ultra-thin Foam Nitrile coating, is so thin and breathable and durable that it acts as a second skin, and designed with a cell structure that disperses fluids on contact for an improved grip. Additionally, nitrile also offers some great protection to most common chemicals.

Additional features in this new model include the handy Touchscreen compatibility feature which allows you to operate a touch screen phone or device without removing the gloves. And, from a design aspect these models also have reinforced thumb crotch which provides longer wear life and increased protection to a very vulnerable high wear area.

A knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove and the black color hinders looking soiled.

They also come in unisex sizes from XS-XXL.

Product Link: G-Tek Polykor WK-CC-16351 Gloves

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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The Best Touch Screen Gloves

This overview about our Touch Screen Gloves was very enlightening since it reminded me how fast technology advances over the last 10 years even including gloves.

Touch Screen Compatible Gloves are becoming a vital necessity today, especially in the work environment due to the increased safety measures required in every workplace and in every aspect to avoid human hand contact when people use the same touch screen. 

Touch Screen Gloves are also especially useful since they avoid having to remove the gloves you are wearing to use your mobile device, answer your phone, or enter data on a mobile work device or workstation. The examples, to name just a few, are food service people, cashiers at your local grocery store, and your local auto mechanic.

We are knowledgeable about gloves used with mobile devices since we were one of the first glove companies in the USA to introduce gloves for cell phones in 2011. Remember, that this was when our cell phones of choice had those qwerty keyboards like old-fashioned typewriters. Since then, cell phones transitioned to more sophisticated mobile devices with interactive touch screens. Touch Screen tablets also entered the scene at the same time.

To help you reminisce like I did, those cell phone gloves had removable fingertips and thumb tips to be able to use those keyboard buttons. That was especially vital in the wintertime or during cold weather. I had a few pair of these gloves myself and it is a funny to recall how technology advances so quickly, even with gloves.

However, and of interest, is that we still sell some of these cell-phone glove models since some people like wearing winter type gloves with removable fingertips and thumb tips. This type of cell phone gloves are still very practical gloves for many users and commuters in cold weather. If you are one of those who will need these types of gloves later this year when the cold weather arrives, see the link below.

Link: Cell Phone Gloves

Picture of a typical Cell Phone Glove above

OK… now for the tedious but vital information for you technically inclined people. I purposely avoided getting too technical here for obvious reasons, but my points here are needed to help you understand the newer Touch Screen Gloves today. By the way, if anyone has a technical question that I did not address here, please feel free to reach out to me.

Before I discus the gloves, it is important to know that there are two (2) types of touch screen devices. I will do my best to simply and briefly explain these.

RESISTIVE Touch Screen Gloves

The most common type is RESISTIVE touch screens that have two transparent layers separated by a thin air gap. The two layers act in common by a conductive coating when they touch each other. That is the basic description.

CAPACITIVE Touch Screen Gloves

The other less common type is a CAPACITIVE touch screen. These are different from the resistive types that do not rely on finger pressure. Instead, they work with anything that can conduct an electrical charge which includes human skin. Therefore, without getting too technical here, it makes sense that capacitive touch screens will not work with most gloves and especially with many coated gloves. Hence, if you have a capacitive touch screen, you will need gloves that have conductive material on the surface such as a carbon compound. By the way, our coated gloves work well with capacitive touch screens. 


Ok, now that I have covered the boring but vital trivia about touch screens, let me get to the gloves that you need for your particular use when you must wear gloves and use a mobile device at the same time.

First, let me distinguish that we offer two (2) styles of gloves for use with mobile devices.

The first are Cold Weather Cell Phone Gloves with removeable fingertips and thumb tips.

The next type is our most popular Touch Screen Gloves.

As I already mentioned, both are popular, but it is important to distinguish between them since many glove companies simply feature the gloves without any good explanation.

Cell Phone Gloves

See the link below. I do not think it is necessary to discuss these further and waste your time since they are simply used for basic cell phone and touch screen gloves during cold weather. Plus, I already discussed these gloves.

Link: Cell Phone Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves

Finally, the link below contains the Best Touch Screen Gloves that are sold today.

Keep in mind, that there may be many types of Touch Screen Gloves available toady, but these are the tried-and-true models available today. If I have missed one that I am not aware of, it would be helpful to let me know so we can test and evaluate them.

Link: Touch Screen Gloves

Fitness Touch Screen Gloves

We offer our Full Finger Beast Mode Fitness Gloves in both Men’s & Women’s versions.

The benefits with these gloves while working out is to update your progress on your favorite fitness app or perhaps choose your most motivational music that will get you through your work out. Lastly, you can use your phone without having to remove your gloves during your workout.


Men’s Full Finger Fitness Gloves

Women’s Full Finger Fitness Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Today, many people don’t realize this but most all Disposable Gloves are compatible with most all modern Touch Screen Phones.

Disposable Gloves

Touch Screen Coated Work Gloves

The Coated Work Gloves in the link below are the most popular Touch Screen version models that we sell. They include standard coated gloves with various types of coatings and models with extended coating coverage from the fingers and palms to a fully coated model. We even sell Cut Resistant Versions.

Link to: Touch Screen Coated Work Gloves

In conclusion, I hope this overview was helpful to cover the various types of cell phone and touch screen phones available today.

If anyone has a suggestion or wishes to add their experience with touch screen gloves, I would like to hear back from you. Your input may be helpful for others looking to improve their activity or work with their mobile devices while using gloves.

Stay Safe with Gloves!

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Touch Screen Fitness Gloves

Last week I posted information on the Bionic Beast Mode Fitness Gloves for men and women. 
One additional feature I need to mention is the fact that these are also Touch Screen compatible. 
If you use the Fingerless Models this is not a necessary feature. However, for those of you who prefer a Full Fingered Fitness Glove, then we have you covered. Pun intended. 
The benefits of this feature allow you to use your touch screen device while working out.
1. Update your progress on your favorite fitness app.
2. Choose your most motivational music that will get you through your workout. 

Cell Phone Gloves vs.Touchscreen Gloves

Is there a difference? The answer is a simple NO! 
Frankly speaking, they are the same type of glove. However, on our web site we have two category listings. One for Cell Phone Gloves; and one for Touch Screen Gloves. This simply reflects how long we’ve been around and how long we’ve been selling Cell Phone Gloves. 
You see, when we initially introduced Cell Phone Gloves to you back in 2008, there was no such thing as a Touch Screen cell phone. Hence the category name Cell Phone Gloves. These gloves were convertible type gloves where you could remove the fingertip to touch the buttons on the phone. Actually, these are still very popular today. 
Then, and shortly afterwards, along came the Touch Screen cell phone and that lead to the introduction of the conductive fibers and polymers commonly found in the Touch Screen Gloves. This allowed new types of Touch Screen Gloves such as leather gloves and even some coated work gloves. 
So, and in conclusion, if you are searching our web site, the same gloves are included in each category so don’t be confused. It’s actually helps your preferred search engine when you find us. 
In that effort, we’ll keep our two categories just in case. 

Smart Gloves are on the Horizon

It’s official. No joke, Samsung has filed for Smart Glove Patent. 
You may recall last April when I wrote about the April Fools’ joke that Samsung played regarding a Smart Glove. Well, it seems that the joke was more about a reality. Will Samsung and Apple do battle again over patent infringement?  Maybe, since I wrote in 2009 about Apple filing a glove patent. 
In any case, based on the patent applications, I believe we will soon see new wearable electronic devices in the form of gloves. After all, we currently sell various types of touch screen and cell phonegloves which continue to increase in popularity. For those that need to know the difference, touch screen gloves are self-explanatory and cell phone gloves employ removable digits. 
In case you’re curious and to give you an idea what a Smart Glove can become, the diagrams revealed that the glove will feature flexible displays and also a number of sensors that are found within the glove itself. (see image) The actual patent applications describe the product as a “finger motion recognition glove.”
As usual, I’ll keep everyone informed here as I learn more. The one thing you can count on is that we will feature any Smart Glove that becomes available once we get are hands on them. 

Touchscreen Cut Resistant Gloves

My friends at Radians continue to roll out some very useful glove innovations and they haven’t disappointed me yet. The latest model that I’ve tested is the new RWG-532 Touchscreen Cut Resistant Coated Grip Gloves. 
The touchscreen sensitivity is superb and they test out at an EN388 – 4,3,4,3. Level 3 cut resistance. The price is modest, too. 
The biggest advantage is that these gloves improve productivity and keeps the user protected by allowing use of touchscreen devices without having to remove their gloves. 
Go to the link below and see them in action since we posted a You Tube video link in the product details. 

Are gloves the new electronic wearable devices

It seems like electronic giants want to get into the glove business. This became obvious to me when I received a handful (pun intended) of emails yesterday touting the latest and greatest new glove wearable devices.
The first one arrived from Samsung followed by one from HTC and then capped off by one from Toshiba later in the day. Was this a coincidence or an April Fool’s joke? We’ll just have to see. You can review the articles on your own time and make your own assessment. Just make sure to read the fine print. 
In the meantime, if you can’t wait to see if these gloves will ever hit the shelves, you can purchase some Touch Screen Gloves from us. 

New Touch Screen Work Gloves

They’ve been a long time coming but they are finally here.

These new Touch Screen gloves are made by ATG, the same company that makes our extremely popular G-Tek Coated work gloves. The new gloves are called G-Tek Touch and come in sizes XS to XXL which make them popular for both men and women. 

If you currently use the G-Tek gloves then they need no introduction. If you don’t, then you need to check them out.  
See a video of the in action: G-Tek Touch Video

Applications include: Construction, Sanitation, Law enforcement, Utilities for Electronic & Computer Assembly, Quality Control, Inspection and General Assembly. 

Performance Properties: EN388: 4131

Are 48 Million cell phone glove sales a possibility?

Apple reported today that they sold 48 million cell phones just in the last quarter which is an amazing amount to comprehend by most of us. 
Nonetheless, as a major supplier of cell phone and touch screen gloves since 2008, we hope that this translates to more cell phone glove sales. The artic weather blast hitting North America this week can’t hurt either. 
If you are in this winter zone and use your cell phone outdoors then check out our special offers on cell phone gloves. We would like to move our remaining inventory so we can make room for our spring collection. 
I think talking about the spring and a sale is warm and “maybe” cool, too. 

TouchTec Gloves – What you didn’t know about Winter Leather Touch Screen Gloves

Many phone calls this year about cell-phone and touch screen gloves has been largely generated with questions about three new leather models we just introduced.
The simple answer: “No! You do not have to remove the gloves.” 

That’s because these new revolutionary gloves combine the new TouchTec™ nanotechnology into fine glove leathers which enable “any” finger and thumb to navigate a touch screen.

I won’t bore you with all the technical mumbo jumbo since I know it’s more important to see the gloves we are taking about this year. 
The gloves getting all the kudos are three new models by the legendary Grandoe Glove Company and we offer both men’s and woman’s models. Another kicker – NO premium upcharge!
Now you can keep your hands warm when you’re out in the cold and using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without taking your gloves off – it’s possible with TouchTec-enabled gloves. You can even use the mouse pad on your favorite laptop computer. Try doing that with normal gloves on.
In closing, order today before they sell out.