Leather Palm Work Gloves

Leather work gloves is a very broad category, and I will do my best to provide you with some good recommendations since I have been involved with developing, making, and selling these types of gloves for almost 3 decades.

Basically, leather work gloves have been the standard for work gloves for centuries going back most likely to the stone age if you think about it.

Today, we have more modern designs and even synthetic leathers which have proven to be very worthy, but it always goes back to the fit, feel, and function and the price.

I decided to create this post focused on “Leather Palm Gloves” due to the many calls we receive from customers looking for a good leather work glove or one for a special application.

Obviously, we are your best source for work gloves since we are glove experts, and we only offer the best gloves in each class of gloves. Although your local hardware store carries gloves, they are not glove experts and their focus is generally on hardware and their glove offerings are very limited often to their own brand and not near as broad as a company like GO Gloves who specialize in gloves. We carry many brands and we only select the best models from select manufacturers.

Types of Leather

First let me address the types of leather. I have discussed the types of leather in the past so I will be brief. Many work glove users fail to recognize the type of leather but there is a difference.

Top Grain Cowhide Leather models are the most popular since they are generally the highest quality of leather and have a smooth finish, are more flexible, and very durable. Split Leather models, although durable, have a rough, suede type of finish and are usually used in less expensive glove models.

Pigskin Leather Gloves and Deerskin Leather Gloves are also very good and durable like cowhide, and they are the best option if the gloves are frequently used in wet conditions since pigskin and deerskin dries soft unlike cowhide which can get stiff after they dry out. Goatskin Leather Gloves and Deerskin Leather gloves are also popular and a very practical choice since they have a softer feel. It would be rare to find Goatskin or Deerskin in Leather Palm Gloves since they a less likely to withstand the durability required in this type of glove designed for rugged work.

Why Leather Palm Gloves?

There are Leather Drivers Type Gloves and there are Leather Palm Gloves. Leather drivers are generally all leather from the palm to the back of hand. Leather Palm Gloves are constructed with leather only on the palm side of the glove for hand protection and durability. The back side is generally made with cotton, canvas, or a synthetic material to save costs on the gloves which helps reduce the pricing with these gloves. This material can often provide some breathability as well to minimize hand perspiration. Also, since the back of hand is not generally exposed to any harm in most jobs, you may not need the extra protection.

Note: However, you will find that in most of the better Leather Palm Gloves have a leather knuckle strap on the back side of the glove and leather fingertips for added hand and finger protection.

Cuff Options

You will find that Leather Palm Gloves have two types of cuff options. The most popular being a “Safety Cuff” which is generally around 2.5”. The other cuff option is a “Gauntlet Cuff” for extra protection, and they are generally around 4.5” or more. These cuffs are normally internally rubberized (rubber under layered between cloth) for added stiffness and better durability.

Palm and Thumb Design

You should find that in the better Leather Palm Gloves that they should have a Wing Thumb (no seam on the palm side) with a Gunn Cut Palm (seams only on the palm side of the two middle fingers). These features reduce the number of seams on the palm side of the gloves for longer glove life and more durability in the gloves.

Impact Resistance

If you are looking for some impact resistance in a work glove, see the links below.

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