A look back at GO GLOVES® on the Internet

For those of you internet affectionados who find an interest in the history of the internet fascinating and intriguing, you may be enlightened to learn a little bit about the internet history of GO GLOVES with some unique and now ancient images.

You can find other information about GO GLOVES here on this blog using the “categories section” or using the “search” function since this post only focuses on our interesting internet history with images.

It all began in 1996, even before Google and Amazon had their internet presence, that I embraced the internet as a glove developer and manufacturer.

Back then, according to my research, you may find it unbelievable that there were only 100,000 web sites on the world-wide web compared to over 160 million by 2008. Today, it is estimated that there is over 1.83 billion web sites.

I am proud to say that we were one of those 100,000 web sites even before Google and Amazon. So, we do have some bragging rights here none the less. As a matter of fact, we were actually the first glove company in the world to launch a web site.

A few of you may recall that the dominate browser in 1996 was Netscape and the Netscape Navigator. This browser eventually became the backbone for the current Mozilla Firefox browser.

In order to easily show and illustrate our progress from 1996, I am using only a few actual snap shots of our Home Page that I saved and archived over the years. There are many shots that I have but these represent the major improvements and up-grades that we have made since 1996. The shots actually speak for themselves. I have no doubt that looking back will bring a chuckle to most of you.

I will refrain from going into any history here other than some simple footnotes. There is historical information located in the links on the right hand navigation for those of you looking for more details about us as I previously mentioned.

1996: Our very first and now ancient static Home Page designated as “Your Web Resource for Gloves”

1998: Glove navigation introduced with our first and very primitive shopping cart with online payment processing.

2008: Easy and improved glove navigation via unique glove category linking.

2012: Glove Categories improved for easier navigation between consumer gloves to industrial work gloves.

2021: Today, with our formal branding to GO GLOVES

Today, we own and manage over 31 URL domains and 23 of them are related directly to GO GLOVES.

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

The Glove-Guru Blog versus Facebook

First let me “share” that we just created a new Facebook Page for Gloves-Online.com. (Link Below)
Yes, we all know that Facebook use has reached absolutely absurd numbers and receives more than 2.7 billion “likes” each day and accounts for 1 of every 5 pages views on the net. 
However, a “dynamic website” which incorporates a blog forms the foundation of all social media marketing. My Blog website is where my glove content is published and ultimately where the conversions happen. 
It’s not that I think that Blogging is better than Facebook but I think the two should work hand in hand. (Pun intended) 
Want to know my main reasons for using in keeping the Glove-Guru Blog alive? 
Stability: No frustrating changes to deal with (Facebook changes are fast and furious) and my blog is self-hosted, stable, consistent and dependable. 
SEO: When done right, blogging improves my search ranking through in-bound links & key-word optimization. Facebook doesn’t contribute to search ranking, FB “only” leads to traffic to my content and our gloves. Plus my blog is part and parcel to our main web site.
Long Shelf Life: My glove blog articles have a long shelf life because they last for years. FB updates only last a few days at most. 
News Feed: FB decides who uses my updates but on my blog anyone and everyone can see my content and glove news. 
Content Hub: My blog is the hub of my glove content. FB only helps me distribute and promote my content and glove news. 
My blog offers more value via helpful tips, advice, and glove education. A compelling link on my blog will most likely get clicked rather than ignored on a FB page. Plus my glove news stays on my blog for years and has remained on my blog since 2008. 
Reach Multiple Audiences: My blog includes RSS email feeds to my subscribers, site visitors, and all social networks. On Facebook I can only reach the people that ‘like” my page. 
So, this week I taught my Glove-Guru Blog to talk to our Gloves-Online Facebook page so everyone and anyone can decide what they “like” better. By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to “like” us on FB if you like us.

Happy New Year to over a Million Glove Customers


In September I was happy to boast about reaching the astonishing milestone of One Million page views since January 1, 2012. That benchmark was shattered with our holiday glove sales and we ended up with a remarkable 1,714,759 customer page views by December 31st.
As a reminder to those less fluent with internet analytics, page views are the conservative metric when evaluating web site analytics. The example being that if we counted actual hits, the number would be 7 to 10 times higher due to images, etc. You can see this in the chart which I added for the doubtful.  
In conclusion, I wish to thank everyone for your support and your business and I wish you the best in the New Year. 
We’ve got some exciting new gloves to talk about this year so I’ll be back in touch shortly. In the meantime, you might like to take a look at some good Winter Gloves.
Happy New Year, We Glove You at Gloves-Online.com

Back from the IRCE 2009

Last week, we made our annual expedition to the IRCE Conference in Boston (Internet Retailer Conference and Expo) to learn about all the latest and newest tools to enhance our web site and shopping cart. After all, Gloves-Online, is the oldest and largest glove retailer on the Internet. It is always fun to meet and mingle with all the global internet czars and we hope that what we learned will make your glove shopping experience easier and rewarding.

Our major reward this year was finding ways to embed glove videos without overloading your connection (bandwidth) to our web site.

That’s me standing outside the networking dinner on cold June evening in Boston. The food (and drinks) was great and we met some really neat internet gurus.

Online Matchmaking and Gloves

I call it High-Tech Glove Marketing

When I was asked late last year by the IGA (International Glove Association) to write an article (about gloves of course) for the annual IGA feature in Occupational Health & Safety magazine, I knew immediately that it would be helpful to enlighten OH&S subscribers about gloves and the internet. After all, we are (GO Gloves™) the oldest glove company on the net.

(Click on the Title to see the article or you can find it under our Media Tab on our web sites)

My Modest Milestones in Gloves

A little trivia: Nearly all of my colleagues know that I’ve been involved with gloves for a very long time but, quietly, yesterday marked my 18th year in glove R&D and manufacturing. You can add a few years to that if I account for my association with gloves.

December the 22nd, commemorates our 12th year on the internet which started in 1996. To my knowledge, we were the first internet glove company at that time. It was all new (and lonely) back then but we did have some interesting companions. (See Internet 1996) To benchmark our internet origins, that’s 2 years before Google. (Google Beta 1998)

Today, according to Alexa, the web information company, we rank #1 “globally” in glove traffic out of 46,600,000 glove related sites. Cheers, from the Glove Guru