Unique Oven Mitt and Multi-Purpose Utility Glove

We are often presented with new glove inventions and most often they mimic a glove model that already exists or simply does not meet what we feel is useful or practical. However, we tested this new Silicone Oven Mitt and Utility Glove to see if it meets all the features and benefits for a glove design like this model and we are excited and pleased to add it to our glove offerings.

The main advantage with this new glove mitt is that it offers more functions and features than simply an oven mitt. 

What got my attention initially was the fact that we have been trying to source nice new silicone oven mitts that could withstand high temperatures as well as offer a wider and better grip opposed to the thin miniature oven mitts that are popular in many big box stores. Those are nice and colorful, but they simply do not meet the needs of your average user for cooking or grilling when temperatures exceed 300° F.

The other advantage that these mitts offer is due to the unique ribbed grip design on the mitt itself and its touchscreen capabilities, which adds more user benefits depending on what your needs are. I’ll touch on those as well, so you get a better idea since it is not all that obvious when initially looking at the mitt.

Oven Mitt Features:

In my opinion, the main function and feature of these gloves is their versatility as a high-heat oven and grilling mitt. They even succeeded in my basic desire to fulfill this aspect. Simply put, we oven tested them with cast iron handles at 425° F and they did the job nicely.

The other aspect is that have a broader 4” fit and better grip than the miniature mitts providing better heat protection and a good grip which is all about safety. The design also allows you to slip them on and off very easily without any trouble and the sizing is great for all hand sizes. They are a bit thicker than those miniature mitts, but this is what you want and need. Plus, this makes them more durable.

Besides being safe for food handling, they are also easily cleaned and washed with normal kitchen detergents. 

Additional Features and Uses:

Although my primary desire was for a nice simple heat protective mitt, the inventor brought to my attention the following features and uses with these gloves that makes them very practical as a vital home essential and very useful in many work applications.

Gasoline fueling – Easily slip on the glove and protect your hand from the gasoline fueling facet and easily enter your credit card details since the nice tip of the gloves are “touchscreen compatible”.

Other uses include: Opening hard to open jar lids due to the ribbed grip design; Plumbing projects; Handrail grabbing in mass transit; Plogging and Litter removal including sharp glass and metal, Recycling facilities; Cable Spooling; Weeding; Dry Ice handling; as well as a handy glove for holding fish when Fishing.  I’m sure there are many other uses, but these are the most popular uses that were brought to my attention.

These durable gloves also include a nice detachable retractable leash and a convenient carry bag if needed.

If you think of other useful uses for these gloves, please let me know so we can share that with our other users and subscribers.

You can see the gloves at this link: Multi-Purpose Oven Mitt

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Cotton Work Gloves

Cotton Work Gloves is one of our oldest work glove categories going back over 25 years now. Historically speaking, Cotton Work Gloves were always the most popular work gloves by far along with leather work gloves long before thin coated nylon work gloves hit the glove work scene around 2005.

The most popular cotton work gloves were the familiar Brown Jersey Gloves which remain popular today due to their comfort, durability, and low cost. As a matter of fact, the Brown Jersey Gloves were one of our first models of “work” gloves to be added to our web site back in 1996.

Often overlooked and under-rated, Cotton work gloves range from general purpose work glove models to very high-performance work gloves from intense heat protection to superior cut resistance with the addition of blended aramid fibers such as Kevlar which offer high tensile strength for cut resistance along with heat and flame resistance.

The other big advantage with cotton work gloves is their low cost since they are made from a natural sustainable plant unlike man-made fibers. This is also a nice feature and benefit in today’s quest to become more ecological and environmentally friendly.

Speaking of environmentally friendly gloves, let me also take this opportunity for me to give our popular GO Greens Bamboo Gloves a plug which are also very high-performance work gloves made from bamboo which makes them very Eco-friendly. I would like to add that these gloves were developed by yours truly many years ago and remain one of our top selling work, garden, and chore gloves today.

Cotton Work Glove Applications

Obviously, there are many broad uses and obvious uses for Cotton Work Gloves, but I will mention a few of them as examples.

Besides the normal uses in various household chores both indoors and outdoors, they are widely used in trucking, warehousing, moving companies, hot-mill metal working, glass and ceramics manufacturing, grocery and food stocking, bakeries and pizzerias, general construction and mechanical work, recycling operations, landscaping, foundries and metal casting, forging operations, high heat manufacturing, and these are simply the most popular uses and work applications as some examples. We also carry a few models that are FDA approved for food contact.

Types of Cotton Work Gloves (a few examples)

I am only discussing a few models for some examples to provide you with some insight into the broad range and depth of these cotton work gloves. There are many more types available, and these are just a few examples.

Brown Jersey Gloves

The traditional Brown Jersey Glove is a normal weight cotton glove that is also available with dotted palms for a better grip. Although many are made from 100% cotton, we prefer to sell a model that is blended with a polyester fiber which makes them a bit stronger and extends the life of the glove.

Poly-Cotton Work Gloves

These are standard “form fitting to the shape of the hand” knit cotton gloves with polyester fibers for added strength and long life. There are 100% cotton models available at the same price, but these are a better option for your money. They come in a light weight (13 Gauge) to a medium weight (10 Gauge) to a thicker heavy weight (7 Gauge) model. Keep in mind that these are form fitting models for better dexterity. These models are also used in work related to food contact since they are certified for FDA food handling requirements under 21 CPR – Part 177.

Premium Grade Hot-Mill Glove

These are heavy weight gloves which also offer cut resistance as well as heat resistance up to 500° F. They have an extended protective gauntlet cuff and are commonly used in operations that require a more durable and protective glove.

Heat and Cut Resistant (Blended Cotton) Form Fitting Glove

These are seamless knit “form fitting” gloves that come in many sizes and offer both heat resistance and cut resistance. They protect up to 500° F and offer an ANSI Cut Level A3 Cut Resistance.

Heat and Flame-Resistant Glove

These are heavy weight terry cloth cotton gloves with a gauntlet cuff which is flame retardant and heat resistant up to 450° F. An ANSI rated Level 4 Flame Resistant Glove. It should be noted that these are not certified for TIG or MIG welding operations.

Please note that there are many and numerous types of cotton work glove available and over the years we have reduced our offerings to only the most popular and practical models that cover most everyone’s needs. It also eliminates a lot of confusion when you offer many similar models. This means that we narrow our offerings to make it much easier for you to select a cotton work glove that meets your needs rather than make a mistake. If you don’t see a model that you wish to purchase, please let us know since we have access to many glove models not shown on our web site.

In conclusion, this should provide you with some good examples and information on Cotton Work Glove and you can easily find more product details in each of our product listings in our Cotton Work Glove category which you can easily link to using the link below.

It’s an interesting glove category that many are not familiar with and one that is not routinely promoted by others due to the low costs and low margins in these types of gloves. However, it is our job to keep our customers better informed since we want to be your single source for all your glove needs.

Link: Cotton Work Gloves

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The Best Heat Resistant Gloves

Unlike other utility and work gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves are made with a wide variety of various materials from fibers including Nomex and Kevlar to rubber including neoprene. Besides using them at home with cooking and grilling, they are most commonly used for personnel protection in many industries. They are most popular of the food, rubber, mechanical, and petrochemical industries but also widely used for boiler room work, handling of molds, adhesive manufacturing, construction and road work, medical autoclaves and sterilizing, and steam cleaning.  

With over 25 years of selling heat resistant gloves, we’ve managed to select the very best heat resistant gloves that meet everyone’s individual needs and requirements. We have also managed to eliminate any heat resistant gloves from our glove offerings over the years that didn’t perform well or that didn’t hold up well in everyday industrial applications. It should be noted that our offerings include models from neoprene to terry cloth and from knit to heavy gauntlet cuff styles.

We also carry a line of heat resistant arm sleeves for workers that require some arm protection from heat in addition to gloves. Additionally, we also offer some heat resistant gloves with long cuffs and sleeves that offer both hand and arm heat protection. You will find these on our category listing link at the end of this post.

Since we offer over 15 styles of heat resistant gloves that vary in many levels of heat protection from 2500 F up to 26000 F temperatures, I will not list each one here for brevity purposes. However, I will highlight a few models due to their uniqueness. Again, you can find all of our popular and best heat resistant glove models in the category listing on our web site which is linked at the bottom of this post.

Special Note: Keep in mind that some models listed in the Heat Resistant Glove category are also cut resistant in addition to their heat resistant properties.

Below, I am highlighting 3 Heat Resistant Models. I’ve selected these three not only because they are our most popular heat resistant gloves but since they are very distinct from one another.

MAPA Temp-Tec Insulated Neoprene Gloves

These heat resistant gloves are a heavy duty, double-layer glove with thermal insulation and extended length (17” overall) for extra arm protection. A multi-purpose chemical resistant glove with excellent thermal insulation due to a double-knit cotton lining. They also offer good grip of wet or slippery objects. Besides the high heat and chemical resistance against acids and aliphatic solutions, these gloves are also liquid and steam proof. Their heat resistant has been certified up to 480 F. See listing on web site for additional details.   

CarbonX Heat and Flame Resistant Gloves

These heat resistant gloves with a built-in 20” sleeve are made of CarbonX material which is extremely nonflammable. Originally developed for NASCAR, these gloves will not ignite or burn, even when exposed to 26000 F for 120 seconds. They will not melt or shrink. The material’s soft finish and multi-directional stretch make them exceptionally comfortable. The ambidextrous reversible design allows replacing one glove at a time, rather than pairs. The ambidextrous feature also permits the gloves to be worn on either hand, extending wear and reducing costs. See listing on web site for additional details.   

Wells Lamont Heat Resistant Gloves

These seamless knit heat resistant gloves are made with Nomex and Kevlar fibers and rated up to 5000 F.

This is the thinnest model we offer at this temperature range. This is a heat resistant glove that also offers cut resistance. The cotton lining provides comfort while the outside provides excellent thermal properties, allowing you to handle hot objects. The ambidextrous reversible design allows replacing one glove at a time, rather than pairs. The ambidextrous feature also permits the gloves to be worn on either hand, extending wear and reducing costs. These gloves also have an extended continuous protective cuff. See listing on web site for additional details.   

Link:  Heat Resistant Gloves

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Buy these Heat Resistant Gloves for handling your Galaxy Note 7 Phone

Because of the fire potential, it dawned on my today that we have a few solutions for handling or returning your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phone.
I personally own a Note 5 which I love and considered up-grading to the Note 7 later this year. Unfortunately, those plans are on hold due to the recall by Samsung. 
In any case, if you have a Note 7 and are concerned about the burning curiosity that may develop as you plan to carry your phone into your local cell phone retailer; we have a few good gloves that may dampen that concern.
See our Heat & Flame Resistant gloves. These will be a great preventive measure to avoid any burns to your hands. If you don’t have a Note 7, you may want to bookmark this link in case you may need any heat or flame resistant gloves in the future. BTW, the Wells Lamont gloves are always a good choice.
On another note (no pun intended), we also carry cell phone compatible gloves which are good for the fall and winter weather. 
Don’t forget, we are your best glove source and we try to cover all the bases and your hands. We also know how to have fun when it comes to gloves.

Heat – Liquid and Steam Proof Glove

I haven’t addressed Heat Resistant Gloves in a long time but a recent customer request reminded me that I needed to make this post for customers looking for these types of gloves. 
This particular model, MAPA’s Temp-Tec 517 – Insulated Neoprene Glove, is a very popular model for a variety of heat, liquid, steam, and chemical resistant uses. Users range from industrial customers to workers in the food and restaurant industry. 
Despite its bulk they are surprisingly dexterous and the heat resistance exceeds normal requirements. 
You can view our other heat resistant gloves at this link: