GO Gloves® announces the launch of their Glove store on Amazon Brands

Cary, NC – August 23, 2021

GO Gloves® (Gloves-Online, Inc.), one of the largest glove retailers in North America, is proud to announce the launch of their Glove store – GO Gloves – on Amazon.com.

“GO Gloves has sold their gloves on Amazon since 2005 but decided to have a dedicated portal on Amazon due to the large number of orders from devoted Amazon shoppers. Due to these devoted buyers, we decided to showcase our Brand (GO Gloves®) in Amazon Brand Registry since GO Gloves is a registered trademark and brand of Gloves-Online, Inc.,” said Joe McGarry, CEO of Gloves-Online, Inc. also known as GO Gloves®. We now own our own Amazon.com web address using our unique, easy-to-remember Amazon URL – www.amazon.com/gogloves.

“This does not change anything at the GO Gloves® web site and shopping venue, www.gloves-online.com but gives our loyal customers another option to purchase their gloves from us”, said McGarry.

Like everything else that relates to gloves and the internet, Gloves-Online was the first glove company in the world to have a presence on the World Wide Web (www) and concurrently and coincidentally one of the first third-party sellers on Amazon. As many of you already know, our companies were founded at the same time in the 90’s.

Our joint relationship with Amazon over the last 16 years has been rewarding for both companies. In looking back, it is even interesting how we got started with Amazon in those early days of internet eCommerce.

I can even recall in late 2004 when one of my customer services staff people came into my office and said someone from Amazon was on the phone and wanted to talk with the owner. I was a bit puzzled as to why Amazon would want to talk with the owner of a glove company since Amazon was principally known as a bookseller at the time.

The Amazon staff person introduced themselves saying that they wanted to sell our gloves using a new seller program that they were introducing. They mentioned that they purchased coated work gloves from us for their warehouse people and checked out our glove offerings on our web site. I was immediately intrigued due to all the press that Amazon was receiving at the time on their unparalleled success as an internet bookseller. This person then led me to some new Amazon URL links that introduced the new third-party selling features and some steps to get started.

Those early set up steps were very primitive and new to get used to such as uploading text, pricing, sizing, and images using what was called back then as flat files (a precursor to CVS files) but sales began to trickle in, and the rest is history. I’m told that today they have almost 2 million third party sellers which is remarkable, if you think about it, so we should be proud to be one of the originals.

I realize that having a dedicated Amazon store for GO Gloves® is very good news for you die-hard Amazon buyers but it does have its caveats even though these buyers have always been able to find many of our gloves on Amazon for many years. As most do not realize, having Amazon as an alternate source for purchasing our gloves is good for our customers, but selling on Amazon is also very expensive since we must pay them a high commission on each sale in addition to adding the shipping costs for each transaction. We must pass along these expenses onto the buyer in order to make a profit. However, this is normal practice for every third-party seller on Amazon which the buyer generally ignores or overlooks these added costs in the product price due to the convenience of having a one shopping source.  

At the time of this post, we have not included all of our glove inventory. However, we have added some glove models that are presently best sellers on Amazon. We will continue to add more glove styles and models as demand increases and after we monitor the activity on our Amazon store insights.

For those of you interested, I have included some the links to our Amazon store and some of the popular glove style links. If you are a devoted Amazon shopper, you may want to bookmark our Amazon Home page.

Amazon GO Gloves Home Page: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/F116A654-232B-4309-ABFB-EF5DE423D810?ingress=3

See below for our product page:

White & Black Cotton Gloves

Gloves-Online, Inc.

Who we are

Military Dress Gloves

Winter Gloves

Fashion and Formal Gloves

Fashion Leather Gloves

Colored Gloves

Parade Gloves

Work Gloves

Our History

I hope this information about our Amazon Store has been useful and please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

A look back at GO GLOVES® on the Internet

For those of you internet affectionados who find an interest in the history of the internet fascinating and intriguing, you may be enlightened to learn a little bit about the internet history of GO GLOVES with some unique and now ancient images.

You can find other information about GO GLOVES here on this blog using the “categories section” or using the “search” function since this post only focuses on our interesting internet history with images.

It all began in 1996, even before Google and Amazon had their internet presence, that I embraced the internet as a glove developer and manufacturer.

Back then, according to my research, you may find it unbelievable that there were only 100,000 web sites on the world-wide web compared to over 160 million by 2008. Today, it is estimated that there is over 1.83 billion web sites.

I am proud to say that we were one of those 100,000 web sites even before Google and Amazon. So, we do have some bragging rights here none the less. As a matter of fact, we were actually the first glove company in the world to launch a web site.

A few of you may recall that the dominate browser in 1996 was Netscape and the Netscape Navigator. This browser eventually became the backbone for the current Mozilla Firefox browser.

In order to easily show and illustrate our progress from 1996, I am using only a few actual snap shots of our Home Page that I saved and archived over the years. There are many shots that I have but these represent the major improvements and up-grades that we have made since 1996. The shots actually speak for themselves. I have no doubt that looking back will bring a chuckle to most of you.

I will refrain from going into any history here other than some simple footnotes. There is historical information located in the links on the right hand navigation for those of you looking for more details about us as I previously mentioned.

1996: Our very first and now ancient static Home Page designated as “Your Web Resource for Gloves”

1998: Glove navigation introduced with our first and very primitive shopping cart with online payment processing.

2008: Easy and improved glove navigation via unique glove category linking.

2012: Glove Categories improved for easier navigation between consumer gloves to industrial work gloves.

2021: Today, with our formal branding to GO GLOVES

Today, we own and manage over 31 URL domains and 23 of them are related directly to GO GLOVES.

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

GO GLOVES® Announces Rebranding!

GO GLOVES® Announces Rebranding!

Cary, NC., March 9, 2021— Gloves-Online, Inc., a leading glove manufacturer and Internet Retailer since 1996, is rebranding its visual identity and mission that reflects a positive relationship with our customers and corporate clients. Our new brand will be called, GO GLOVES®.

“Our vision is to become the most loved, most trusted, and the most innovative glove company in the glove business,” said Joe McGarry, CEO of Gloves-Online, Inc., “and our mission is to build a better identity for our customers. The rebrand will not just be cosmetic – we are taking this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach in the market as a whole. We continually strive to be better at everything we do, every day, for every client and customer.”

Soon, we will unveil a new corporate logo that will be more modern, streamlined, and simplify our brand identity.  Of course, one thing that will remain constant is to be known as Gloves-Online since our founding in 1996. Most customers know us GO, that glove company when they call us, so rebranding to GO GLOVES® was always in our plans and it has now become the logical pathway for our future.

Our corporate identity will remain as Gloves-Online, Inc. but our “brand” will become known as GO GLOVES®.

GO Gloves® has actually been a Federally Registered U.S. Trademark since December 1, 2009. Registration Number:  3,719,833.

Today, there are many ways to find us if you are shopping on the internet. You can even find us on Amazon under our brand: GO GLOVES. You can also type in GO Gloves on your favorite browser and see the links to our web site or even type in www.gogloves.com in your URL bar and be instantly directed to our Home page. As usual, we’ve made it very easy for you to find us effortlessly without any hurdles or searches.

As a reminder, you should also note, that beginning this year, 2021, GO GLOVES instituted a new policy where all domestic glove orders over $99.00 SHIP FREE via Standard Shipping.

In conclusion, we will always be there for you as “Your Source for Gloves since 1996.”

Link to our Home Page

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

GO Gloves announces move to new headquarters.

This week, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the move to our new headquarters is now completed.

Our new facility is located on the edge of downtown Cary, NC in a quaint business industrial park. We are now central to many amenities including our main postal depot for quicker daily pick-ups.

Our new facility includes our offices and warehousing under one roof with multiple loading docks. We’ve also installed state-of-the-art high speed fiber optics and modern cabling for speedier internet data which is vital to our business.  

Everything went fairly smooth but our phones are still in portal due to the transfer to the fiber optic capabilities. However, we still have access to our voice mail system while the phone system is being ported.

Of course, we can always be reached via email in the meantime at: sales@gloves-online.com.

Our new address is:

Gloves-Online, Inc.

231-K East Johnson Street, Cary, NC 27513

Our phone number remains the same at: 919-468-4244.

Web address: https://www.gloves-online.com/

Feel free to stop by and say hello and enjoy visiting many of the fine local restaurants for a bite to eat.

Thank for your continued support by being your source for gloves since 1996.

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

About the Glove Guru

The Glove Guru

About the Glove Guru Blog: This blog is all about gloves and everything useful about gloves. Primarily, I offer tips, gloves in the news, and new product announcements. Normally, I only post about 2 to 3 times a month and most often during seasonal changes. Signing up for my posts is FREE and you will receive Special Offers and Discounts exclusive only to registered followers.

Who is the guru: It’s not clear when Joe McGarry was first dubbed the Glove Guru. Some claim it was the mid-80’s, others when his website Gloves-Online.com launched in 1996. Back in the dark-ages of the web circa 1996, he launched Gloves-Online.com to be a clearinghouse of information on all things gloves. He quickly realized that on-line was the future and today he sells millions of pairs of gloves – of all types from industrial to fashion and everything in between–each year. In addition to being an e-entrepreneur, he holds patents for several industrial and consumer gloves and continues to design gloves for all types of uses. Maybe you’ve read a few of his articles that have been published in various industrial trade publications. Chances are that if you’ve seen a new and useful glove, it was most likely from Gloves-Online and possibly designed by Joe himself. While Joe’s specialty is in industrial work and critical environment high-tech gloves, he’s the guy who spends his time tinkering with new ways to make or source a better glove. With over a quarter century of glove experience, he undoubtedly can give you useful and practical glove advice.

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A Brief History of Gloves-Online.com

This week in 1991 the World Wide Web (WWW) was founded.

It was just 5 years later that, Joe McGarry, launched Gloves-Online.com.

To put this innovative endeavor into perspective, this was around the same time that Amazon initially launched its bookstore and 2 years before Google was founded.   

The timing of the Gloves-Online.com URL and the uniqueness of the URL domain name alone is a great example of it’s the early entry into the internet WWW world. Some of you may recall the heydays of the early .com era and the drive to have a web presence at that time. During this time many opportunists were buying up all sorts of URL names without any intentions to build a web site but with the only objective to sell the name to an eager buyer.

FYI, below are very interesting examples of the most expensive domain names recently publicly reported:

·  CarInsurance.com — $49.7 million.

·  Insurance.com — $35.6 million.

·  VacationRentals.com — $35 million.

·  PrivateJet.com — $30.18 million.

Joe also owns glovesonline.com but he preferred the novelty by using the “hyphen” in the name and for a better look to users. Glovesonline.com is a redirect domain as well as gogloves.com.

It’s interesting to contemplate what the value of the GO Gloves and Gloves-Online domain family of URL internet names are worth today.

Our evolution’s through the years….

GO Gloves, which the company is commonly called today, was the very first web portal in the world devoted exclusively to gloves. GO Gloves was an offshoot of Polygenex International, Inc. which was founded by Joe in 1990 and became the largest domestic manufacturer of specialty high-tech knit gloves. GO Gloves was originally developed as a source of glove information for people searching for glove know-how on the internet.

The existence of the original Gloves-Online information web site actually led to a new unforeseen opportunity to actually sell gloves that people were searching for but could not find. 

The very first gloves that GO Gloves featured for sale on the internet where high-quality white cotton gloves including the gloves that were manufactured by Polygenex. These white gloves, often referred to as parade gloves, were selected since people were searching for sources of these gloves since they were difficult to find locally or at department stores as in the old days. As examples, these types of gloves were used by church ushers, bell choirs, funeral pall-bearers, military guard units, marching bands, catering companies, cotillions, Santa Claus outfitting, and doorman just to name a few. Consequently, a new internet business dedicated to hard-to-find gloves was born.

The rising popularity of GO Gloves was reflected by its search history which was just over 1 million page views by the year 2000 and doubled to just nearly 2 million page views only a few years later. Today, Joe no longer provides this data for obvious proprietary reasons but it’s become one of the largest glove sources on the internet with a world-wide audience.

Industrial & Work Glove concept….

In 2008, GO Gloves launched its sister web site Industrial Gloves Online which was focused exclusively to work and industrial gloves. The Industrial Glove web site was set up under a separate URL domain so that buyers looking for work gloves had easier navigation without filtering through all of the consumer glove listings. However, all of the gloves listed on the industrial work glove web site are also available on the main original consumer Gloves-Online web site.

The Glove Guru Blog….

Also, in 2008, Joe developed a special blog devoted to gloves called The Glove Guru. The blog covers useful glove information, glove technical data, and valuable and beneficial glove suggestions. The advantage of the Glove Guru Blog is that it contains more in-depth information about particular types of gloves that is difficult to include on a product description and this information remains as a permanent archive on the internet. The Glove Guru Blog also has its own search engine so you can easily locate articles and information on gloves.


During all this time, we’ve done “major” up-grades and modernized our web sites over 10 times using the latest web site technology and shopping cart functionality including web site security processes and friendly web site navigation.

Gloves-Online also has a very robust internal search engine integrated within the web sites to make it very easy to find and locate a glove by its design, manufacturer, or use. Our site search engine will also locate a glove that is featured on both of our web sites regardless of which web site you are searching from using the search box.

Today, GO Gloves serves over 13,000 dedicated customers, stocks over 2,500 glove styles, represents over 34 glove manufacturers, and ships gloves worldwide.

White Gloves

White Gloves

White Gloves happens to be one of the most popular searched key words in regards to gloves on the internet search engines. It’s also interesting that white gloves happen to be our largest selling gloves in terms of volume.

To give you a little history, White Gloves happened to be our first product line on Gloves-Online back in 1996. To put this time-line in an interesting perspective, this was even before Google was live.

We introduced white gloves since people were searching for these using our static web site that only had an email contact link along with glove information. This was before internet shopping carts. People kept asking us where they could purchase white gloves so with their help; they did our marketing research to introduce white gloves as our first product.  

This wasn’t exactly a rabbit out of that hat idea as an internet product idea since we were already an established domestic glove manufacturer. We used Gloves-Online to sell the high-tech gloves that we manufactured but we also needed some consumer gloves to help with our visibility on the early Netscape browser search engine at the time. Maybe that brings back some memories for old times sake. I doubt you Millennials have a clue what I’m referring to here.

The vast majority of the White Gloves we sell today are cotton gloves and nylon gloves. Although we also sell white leather gloves which are only popular in the winter months and normally only used as a nice fashion accessory, my focus will cover our cotton and nylon gloves. Another large category for white gloves is satin and silk gloves which I will discuss in the future. These models are normally used for weddings and balls.

Our White Gloves today:  

As you can tell by the paragraph above, we’ve got the white glove category covered. The important issue is that not only are we an authority on gloves, we have 30 years of glove manufacturing know-how and expertise.

This brings up another matter. Quality and trust from these years of making and selling white gloves. We not only know how to make a good quality glove for a fair and reasonable price, we also know what the market wants, needs, and likes in gloves.

The white gloves we make and sell today are much different than the ones we introduced in 1996 except for a select few nylon models. Over the years, we learned what people liked in these gloves and what people preferred as far as glove design, glove fit, glove feel, and glove function. I often say that when it comes to gloves, it’s all about the 3 F’s. Fit, feel, and function.

Another aspect is pricing. It’s a big mistake to think that people buy gloves based on price. Although, people are very cost conscious, people don’t want gloves that are too thin that you can see through them. They don’t want gloves where the knit gauge is too high were they end up stretching and falling off. Nor do customers want gloves that fall apart due to poor stitching.

A big mistake that people often make when searching for white gloves on the internet is they cannot judge the quality or type of glove. They simply type in “white gloves” in the search and up pops the following types. Cheap inspection gloves used in manufacturing operations to eliminate finger prints on products or inexpensive thin therapy gloves from the chain drug stores that are used primarily for wound protection or therapeutic creams. Although our gloves can be used in these cases since they are made from 100% pure quality cotton, most people want gloves for special events where they look great and feel great.

A point to always remember: “You get what you pay for.”


Popular White Glove Categories

I’m sure you never sat back and thought about all of the uses that people need white gloves for so I listed the most popular categories. To help you, these categories are linked to our web site in case you are reading this for the first time and looking for a glove in the general category you’re searching. Note: The site search on our web site will do the same.

When you link to any of the categories below, the header in that category describes the type of gloves that are listed in that specific glove category.

You may also find this list amusing if it’s new to you. The other funny aspect is that these categories are only the most popular. If you know of a good one, please let me know, we would enjoy your feedback.

For example, we know that some of our gloves are used for Bell Choirs but we have this covered under our Church Glove category.

Here’s this list:

Band Gloves

Church Gloves

Cotillion Gloves

Doorman Gloves

Food Service Gloves

Formal Gloves

Funeral Gloves

Hospitality Gloves

LOGO Gloves

Military Gloves

Parade Gloves

Santa Claus Gloves

Uniform Gloves

Usher Gloves


White Cotton Gloves verses White Nylon Gloves

Which one should I buy?

This is a question that we get asked about almost every day for new customers. I’ll answer the most popular questions below.

Are the cotton glove models better than the nylon glove models?

The answer is no. Our white nylon gloves are a very high quality nylon that looks and feels like cotton. The big difference here is that the cotton can be bleached and washed if they get dirty and you want to reuse them. The nylon gloves also stretch unlike the cotton gloves.

When should I buy nylon gloves rather than cotton gloves?

This is a simple answer since our cotton gloves and nylon gloves are of the same quality, look, and feel. The main difference is with sizing issues.

Our cotton gloves are made in up to 7 different sizes for men, women, and children depending on the model. See our sizing chart in the left hand navigation panel of our web site.

Remember, our nylon gloves are made to stretch. Therefore, we have only 2 adult sizes plus children’s sizes in separate models.

The adult sizes in the nylon gloves come in 2 sizes: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. The S/M will fit most women and the L/XL will fit most men. We always suggest that if you are looking to buy gloves for a large group of people, then buy the nylon gloves since the fit is more forgiving.


Our most popular White Gloves:

CP-250 – White Cotton Parade Gloves


NYP-404 – Unisex Stretch White Nylon Gloves


Thank you for subscribing to my blog,

The Glove Guru

Joe McGarry

Glove orders made easier

First, it’s interesting to note that we’ve been around longer on the internet than both Amazon and Google. So it’s fair to say, we know a bit about internet shopping technology. For you internet historians, it may be interesting to footnote that we were the very first web site in the world to feature gloves. This is a trivial but well-known fact.

Furthermore, you may already know that it is much easier to find a pair of gloves that you need on Gloves-Online than finding a pair on Amazon. This is due to our easy left-panel navigation menu links along with our robust keyword search tool at the top of our home page.  Additionally, we have 2 web sites within one to segregate our consumer gloves and our industrial work gloves for even easier glove shopping.

Regarding Amazon, where you will also find our gloves but at a higher price, one look at web site navigation at GO Gloves and one look at a glove search on Amazon, you will immediately see how uncluttered and easier it is to read and find glove listings on Gloves-Online. I personally use Amazon from time to time and it amazes me how cluttered it is but I’m also a web guru, so pardon me.

Order Concerns?

Since the back-bone of our web site and shopping cart uses state-of-the-art technology, you can also check on your glove order status and even track glove orders without leaving our web site.

Accounts: You can, but it’s not mandatory, to set up an account with us where you can save all of your glove order history. This can be done at the top of our Home Page under the “My Account” link. This is helpful for our glove customers who purchase gloves on an annual basis and forgot what sizes or models they previously ordered.

Order Status: At the top of our Home page under the “Need Help” link you can check on your order status in the drop down menu using your Order ID number (which is emailed to you) and your email. This will display your order status and once your order is shipped, it will also provide you with your tracking number.

Order Tracking: Once you have your tracking number, you can see the tracking of your shipment using the USPS or UPS link. The only thing you need to remember is what shipper you selected when you placed your order.

Note: Not only are the Order Status and Order Tracking links located at the top of our Home Page under ‘Need Help”, they are also located in the footer of our Home page.

We pride ourselves on making your glove shopping and order processing as easy as possible since it’s important to us that you come back again and again. After all, everyone owns a pair of gloves or two for various needs. Even our customers in the tropics purchase gloves. Ask me about them if you’re curious.

GO Gloves purchases totally secure


Effective this week, all pages and links on GO Gloveshave been completely encrypted with the new HTTPS protocol. This also includes our Industrial Glove web site. 
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.
Although our web site has been encrypted for years, we have now converted to the new (HTTPS) standard which is becoming the new safe benchmark for the increase in mobile transactions. With this implementation you will now see a lock box on your browser link and this is something you want to look for on all web sites where you shop. 

We thank you for your support and your business and we look forward to a successful 2017.

8th Year Anniversary for our Industrial & Work Glove web site


In January of this year we celebrated our 20thYear Anniversary on the web. 
Today marks our 8th Year Anniversary in launching our Industrial Web Site.
We developed our sister web site for those of you only interested in Industrial and Work gloves since it has easier navigation without traversing through our consumer gloves. 
Although we offer the same gloves on the main GO Glovesweb site, the navigation on the GO Industrial web site only includes indexing for work gloves.