Cryogenic Low Temperature Safety Gloves and Products

The Covid pandemic drove certain glove sales to new highs the last two (2) years. This was especially the case for single use disposable gloves, but no one anticipated the unmet demand for Cryogenic Low Temperature Safety Gloves. 

Therefore, I thought it would be useful for me to bring these gloves to everyone’s attention and the safety benefits that they have provided workers around the world even up to today. It is always good to be in-the-know about glove issues like these.

First, to inform you, Cryogenics is the science that addresses the production and behavior of extremely low (cold) temperatures.

Cryogenics is widely used in fields including rocket fuels in Aerospace programs and projects, Mining Operations, MRI Machines, Cryotherapy, Bio-Medical, Handling of Vaccines, Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen manufacturing and services, Home Health Oxygen Services, Frozen Food Operations, and Laboratory testing just to name a few.

Cryogenic Safety

I prefer to discuss this issue up-front since it is very important for user safety issues.

Cryogenic safety is very important with hand safety since the extreme cold can cause very harmful and damaging skin burns and even frostbite.

Temperature Examples are: Liquid Nitrogen Boiling Point is -196oC (-320oF); and Liquid Oxygen Boiling Point is -183oC (-297oF).

Therefore, you will require specific and certified gloves that will meet and withstand these harmful low temperatures and meet the appropriate standards. These standards include: EN 511, EN 388, EN 420, and for the Liquid Nitrogen Gloves, they must meet: Static Charge Resistance NASA MMA-1985-79; Cryogen Penetration Resistance ASTMF 903, Procedure D 10 minutes; Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) ASTMD 2863, and Flame Resistance ASTMD 6413. Your Safety Officer should be able to provide you with further assistance for on-the-job safety with cryogenics.

NOTE: Anyone handling cryogenic liquids should be familiar and knowledgeable about the hazards presented by such materials and trained in how to handle them safely. Emergency procedures should be established and rehearsed, proper training in the operation of all equipment provided and knowledge and appreciation of hazardous properties of the materials instilled. Cryogenic liquids should never be handled without proper protective safety gear.

Generally recommended protective apparel for handling cryogenic liquids include the following: Proper fitting gloves*, Protective face shield and goggles, Protective apron without pockets, Protective gaiters, Pants without cuffs, Shoes without laces.

*Proper Fitting Gloves: For maximum dexterity, comfort, and safety, cryogenic gloves must fit properly. Although gloves should be loose enough to allow for quick removal, if necessary, a glove that is too large impairs dexterity and function. A glove that is too tight will lead to thermal loss. I will provide a glove fitting guide below.

The TEMPSHIELD Brand of Cryogenic Safety Gloves and Products

Over 15 years ago, GO Gloves (Gloves-Online) narrowed our line of Cryogenic Gloves down to the Tempshield line of products. Although there are a few notable Cryogenic glove manufacturers, we limited our offerings to the Tempshield brand due to their superior quality, and high standard for materials and workmanship. Additionally, their products are certified by the United States and International testing agencies which is vital since we sell these gloves around the world. Besides their high-quality standards, and extended glove product line, they also offer exceptional customer service and timely delivery. I would also like to add that their pricing is very reasonable since these gloves are handmade and crafted to-order and we all know about those high labor costs.

Another very nice bonus is that the Tempshield Gloves are made in the USA. This became a very vital issue recently due to the accelerated demand for Cryogenic Gloves, which are required for workers handling the Covid vaccines on a world-wide basis as I previously mentioned. As most of you have heard and seen on the news, these vaccines must be stored in an ultra-cold freezer. I have no doubt that many of you may recall seeing the workers handling the vaccine kits and those thick blue gloves.

Cryogenic Glove Model Options including Cryogenic Safety Products

Since we carry over 35 different models of cryogenic products, I will refrain from discussing the features of each model below for the sake of brevity (including reading time) and since the features of each model is represented on our web site listings for these models including model lengths and sizing, etc.

Models include Wrist Length, Mid-Arm Length, Elbow Length, and Shoulder Length.

One notable new model are the new Tempshield LOX Cryo-Gloves which is a newly commercialized glove specifically made for handling hazardous Liquid Oxygen. These gloves were in limited production and specifically made upon request for the military and NASA for their aerospace programs and projects. The good news is that we now have available the LOX Cryogenic Line of products in LOX Gloves, Lox Safety Kits, LOX Aprons, and LOX Gaiters. We are very proud to finally be able to offer these to our commercial and industrial customers around the world.

I have provided a link to each model as a reference, and you can also find a “related” link in each product listings. Please note that each model below is a single listing since the gloves come in various models as mentioned above.

Cryogenic Gloves and Cryogenic Products Link (Whole product line)

Tempshield Cryo-Gloves

Tempshield Cryo-Gloves (Pink)

Tempshield Waterproof Cryo-Gloves

Tempshield Waterproof Cryo-Gloves (Pink)

Tempshield Waterproof Grip Cryo-Gloves

Tempshield Waterproof Grip Cryo-Gloves (Pink)

Tempshield Industrial LNG Cryo-Gloves

Tempshield LOX Cryo-Gloves for Liquid Oxygen (Newly commercialized and previously only made for the Department of Defense)

Cryogenic Safety Kits (various)

Cryogenic Aprons (4 Models)

Cryogenic Gaiters (shoe covers) (3 Models)

Cryogenic Face Shield

Cryogenic Glove Fitting Guide

  • Choosing the correct glove fit is essential to your safety and comfort
  • The glove must be loose enough to shake off your hand in one motion, in the event of saturation with cryogenic fluid
  • Too tight a fit leads to thermal loss
  • Tempshield’s gloves are sized appropriately to take quick removal into action – order true size
  • If your length and width sizes do not match, order to your width size – the cuff will cover any additional length needed

Here’s how to measure your hand

For your hand length, measure from the fold of your wrist to the top of your middle finger.

For your hand width, make a fist with your dominant hand and measure the circumference below your knuckles. Do not include your thumb.

Tempshield Glove Sizing Chart
Size USAHand LengthHand Width
Small6 3/47-8
Medium7 3/168-9
Large7 9/169-10
Extra Large8 1/1610-11
XX Large8 1/1611-12
Size (EU)Hand Length (mm)Hand Width (mm)
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I hope this brief about Cryogenic Safety Gloves and Products has been useful for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these cryogenic products and thank you for subscribing,

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