New Driver Style Leather Work Gloves
Quality Driver Style Cowhide Leather Work Gloves are hard to come by and find.

The leather is either too thin or made from inferior cowhide to keep costs down. However, even with a more attractive cost these gloves tend to wear out quickly or fall apart. So, you saved some money but you had to replace them sooner than you anticipated.

The good news is that our friends at Black & Decker have introduced a new driver style work glove that’s very impressive, very durable, and very comfortable. These gloves are so comfortable that you will be happy to wear them all day long. 
The gloves feature a traditional driver style design but they have a more durable cowhide, have double stitching throughout for added durability, and have a reinforced thumb crotch that adds life to the gloves. They also have a nice elastic shirred wrist for a snug fit but can be easily donned and removed. 
I highly recommend you purchase a pair or two of the Black & Decker DB555 Gloves when your current leather work gloves wear out.  

Black & Decker goes lilac with new women’s gloves

Some things never change but it seems the marketing pin stripes at Black & Decker are having a change of heart in color. 
Everyone recognizes the famous B&D black and orange logo and the black and orange color branding on all of their products. As a matter of fact, I’m sure this well-known color identity branding has led to the long-term success of the Black & Decker consumer tools and products. It’s a wise strategy. 
Now, back to the new color issue, I’m not exactly sure who went to the mat on this new change but I have a good hunch who’s responsible. 
If you want to see what I’m talking about, check out the new Black & Decker Ladies Hybrid Rose Tender “2 in 1” Gloves. The gloves are great and they’re LILAC & Gray. Imagine that! 
Of course, the ladies can also buy the traditional black model of the same glove but my bet is they will buy the ones with the fun color scheme. It’s too bad we didn’t have these new models for our Mother’s Day promotion. We sold out most of the sizes of our other brand of Rose Tender Gloves.

GO Gloves unveils new Black & Decker Garden and Work Glove

It’s that time of year to spring into some new gloves. 
I finally got my hands (pun intended) on the new, and first ever, 2 in 1 Hybrid Rose Tender Performance gloves and these new gloves get a high five!  Not only are these gloves one of the most versatile garden and work glove, they get my vote for the cool glove club. 
These gloves have a “removable” gauntlet that acts as a barrier against sharp thorns and branches. By easily unsnapping a few buttons the gauntlet can be removed and stored, turning your Rose Tender glove into a standard performance work glove. Besides being washable and form-fitting, the glove has a few additional features which you can see and read about at the product link below. 
Another first is that these B&D Rose Tender Gloves are made for both men and women. 
Like any new glove, we unfortunately only have two sizes as of this launch and we hope other sizes will follow shortly. 
Product Link with limited time introductory offer:

Known by the company we keep – announcing Black & Decker Gloves

Today, I’m delighted to announce that Gloves-Online is now an authorized dealer of the new Black & Decker Glove Line. 

Most everyone is aware of the iconic world-renown Black and Decker brand of consumer and professional high-end tools used in construction, manufacturing and woodworking. The good news for you and for us is that Black & Decker is developing new and beneficial work gloves for the consumer and industrial users.  
This new line of gloves is part and parcel to our addition of the DeWalt line of gloves(DeWalt is a division of Black & Decker) which I announced here in December. 
But that’s not all about the new Black & Decker glove line!  Watch closely for my announcement about the newest, most useful, and most practical work and garden glove you’ve ever seen! It’s also designed for both men and women. More news on that is coming in days since giving you a peek now takes away all the fun and excitement.