GO Gloves® announces the launch of their Glove store on Amazon Brands

Cary, NC – August 23, 2021

GO Gloves® (Gloves-Online, Inc.), one of the largest glove retailers in North America, is proud to announce the launch of their Glove store – GO Gloves – on Amazon.com.

“GO Gloves has sold their gloves on Amazon since 2005 but decided to have a dedicated portal on Amazon due to the large number of orders from devoted Amazon shoppers. Due to these devoted buyers, we decided to showcase our Brand (GO Gloves®) in Amazon Brand Registry since GO Gloves is a registered trademark and brand of Gloves-Online, Inc.,” said Joe McGarry, CEO of Gloves-Online, Inc. also known as GO Gloves®. We now own our own Amazon.com web address using our unique, easy-to-remember Amazon URL – www.amazon.com/gogloves.

“This does not change anything at the GO Gloves® web site and shopping venue, www.gloves-online.com but gives our loyal customers another option to purchase their gloves from us”, said McGarry.

Like everything else that relates to gloves and the internet, Gloves-Online was the first glove company in the world to have a presence on the World Wide Web (www) and concurrently and coincidentally one of the first third-party sellers on Amazon. As many of you already know, our companies were founded at the same time in the 90’s.

Our joint relationship with Amazon over the last 16 years has been rewarding for both companies. In looking back, it is even interesting how we got started with Amazon in those early days of internet eCommerce.

I can even recall in late 2004 when one of my customer services staff people came into my office and said someone from Amazon was on the phone and wanted to talk with the owner. I was a bit puzzled as to why Amazon would want to talk with the owner of a glove company since Amazon was principally known as a bookseller at the time.

The Amazon staff person introduced themselves saying that they wanted to sell our gloves using a new seller program that they were introducing. They mentioned that they purchased coated work gloves from us for their warehouse people and checked out our glove offerings on our web site. I was immediately intrigued due to all the press that Amazon was receiving at the time on their unparalleled success as an internet bookseller. This person then led me to some new Amazon URL links that introduced the new third-party selling features and some steps to get started.

Those early set up steps were very primitive and new to get used to such as uploading text, pricing, sizing, and images using what was called back then as flat files (a precursor to CVS files) but sales began to trickle in, and the rest is history. I’m told that today they have almost 2 million third party sellers which is remarkable, if you think about it, so we should be proud to be one of the originals.

I realize that having a dedicated Amazon store for GO Gloves® is very good news for you die-hard Amazon buyers but it does have its caveats even though these buyers have always been able to find many of our gloves on Amazon for many years. As most do not realize, having Amazon as an alternate source for purchasing our gloves is good for our customers, but selling on Amazon is also very expensive since we must pay them a high commission on each sale in addition to adding the shipping costs for each transaction. We must pass along these expenses onto the buyer in order to make a profit. However, this is normal practice for every third-party seller on Amazon which the buyer generally ignores or overlooks these added costs in the product price due to the convenience of having a one shopping source.  

At the time of this post, we have not included all of our glove inventory. However, we have added some glove models that are presently best sellers on Amazon. We will continue to add more glove styles and models as demand increases and after we monitor the activity on our Amazon store insights.

For those of you interested, I have included some the links to our Amazon store and some of the popular glove style links. If you are a devoted Amazon shopper, you may want to bookmark our Amazon Home page.

Amazon GO Gloves Home Page: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/F116A654-232B-4309-ABFB-EF5DE423D810?ingress=3

See below for our product page:

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I hope this information about our Amazon Store has been useful and please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for subscribing,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

GO Gloves receives top award from Amazon.com

I am very pleased to announce that last Friday the 29th; GO Gloves received the prestigious award as a “Top Holiday Seller in 2009” from the management of Amazon.com.

The award certificate states that we were honored for outstanding performance on Amazon.com over the 2009 Holiday Season. We were praised for providing an exceptional shopping experience for Amazon customers and thanked us for our hard work and dedication.

Additionally, GO Gloves ranked among the top of all Amazon Sellers over the 2009 season on the basis of net sales, and customer satisfaction metrics. We also received the highest marks (in other words A+) over this period.

Amazon isn’t the only one happy with our holiday gloves sales. They should have seen what our staff accomplished from our own web site shipping about 2,000 glove orders per day. (Enlarge image on the right for a look at our shipping dock for a typical 1st of 2 daily outbound shipments during December)