Unique Oven Mitt and Multi-Purpose Utility Glove

We are often presented with new glove inventions and most often they mimic a glove model that already exists or simply does not meet what we feel is useful or practical. However, we tested this new Silicone Oven Mitt and Utility Glove to see if it meets all the features and benefits for a glove design like this model and we are excited and pleased to add it to our glove offerings.

The main advantage with this new glove mitt is that it offers more functions and features than simply an oven mitt. 

What got my attention initially was the fact that we have been trying to source nice new silicone oven mitts that could withstand high temperatures as well as offer a wider and better grip opposed to the thin miniature oven mitts that are popular in many big box stores. Those are nice and colorful, but they simply do not meet the needs of your average user for cooking or grilling when temperatures exceed 300° F.

The other advantage that these mitts offer is due to the unique ribbed grip design on the mitt itself and its touchscreen capabilities, which adds more user benefits depending on what your needs are. I’ll touch on those as well, so you get a better idea since it is not all that obvious when initially looking at the mitt.

Oven Mitt Features:

In my opinion, the main function and feature of these gloves is their versatility as a high-heat oven and grilling mitt. They even succeeded in my basic desire to fulfill this aspect. Simply put, we oven tested them with cast iron handles at 425° F and they did the job nicely.

The other aspect is that have a broader 4” fit and better grip than the miniature mitts providing better heat protection and a good grip which is all about safety. The design also allows you to slip them on and off very easily without any trouble and the sizing is great for all hand sizes. They are a bit thicker than those miniature mitts, but this is what you want and need. Plus, this makes them more durable.

Besides being safe for food handling, they are also easily cleaned and washed with normal kitchen detergents. 

Additional Features and Uses:

Although my primary desire was for a nice simple heat protective mitt, the inventor brought to my attention the following features and uses with these gloves that makes them very practical as a vital home essential and very useful in many work applications.

Gasoline fueling – Easily slip on the glove and protect your hand from the gasoline fueling facet and easily enter your credit card details since the nice tip of the gloves are “touchscreen compatible”.

Other uses include: Opening hard to open jar lids due to the ribbed grip design; Plumbing projects; Handrail grabbing in mass transit; Plogging and Litter removal including sharp glass and metal, Recycling facilities; Cable Spooling; Weeding; Dry Ice handling; as well as a handy glove for holding fish when Fishing.  I’m sure there are many other uses, but these are the most popular uses that were brought to my attention.

These durable gloves also include a nice detachable retractable leash and a convenient carry bag if needed.

If you think of other useful uses for these gloves, please let me know so we can share that with our other users and subscribers.

You can see the gloves at this link: Multi-Purpose Oven Mitt

Let me know if you have any questions,

Joe McGarry

The Glove Guru

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