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FAQS on Rubber Electrical Insulating Protective Gloves

I have included the following information on the frequently asked questions about testing issues on new and used NOVAX Electrical natural rubber insulating gloves.

How are Novax gloves electrically tested?

The manufacturer of NOVAX gloves electrically tests every glove prior to shipment. Each “batch” of gloves is also subjected to a battery of physical and electrical tests to ensure that the gloves meet the D120 Standards. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the gloves have passed the required electrical test within the specified time.

How long does the user have to put new gloves into service?

The user has 12 months from the test date to put new gloves into service.

When should rubber insulating gloves be retested?

There are two standards that prescribe test intervals:

  • OSHA 1910.137 – Must be electrically tested before the first issue and every six (6) months thereafter.
  • OSHA 1910.268 – (Tele-com) – Natural rubber insulating gloves must be electrically tested before first issue, twelve months after first issue and every 9 months thereafter.
  • Any UN-issued glove that has not been tested within twelve months must be re-tested before issue.

How are the NOVAX gloves “marked” with the factory test date?

Each pair is marked with the test date of the initial test completed at the factory. Each glove has an individual serial number that provides traceability back to the factory test.

Retesting verses buying a new pair of gloves.

This is a very common question, and it is primarily a personal use issue. Obviously, these types of gloves prevent “life threatening” accidents, and it is my opinion to purchase a new pair rather than have them tested. The expense to retest gloves and the time it takes to have them tested makes getting a new pair quicker the better and safest option. The type of usage and frequency of the gloves use is another factor to be weighed. 

Frequently asked questions about Novax Rubber Electrical Insulating Protective gloves.

The manufacturer has prepared a nice FAQ brochure which answers many common questions about selecting and using these gloves. You can download the PDF file and print it out as a nice reference for employers and end users to review. See the link below:

Link: Novax FAQ Document

Link to Gloves Line

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