GO GLOVES® Announces Rebranding!

GO GLOVES® Announces Rebranding!

Cary, NC., March 9, 2021— Gloves-Online, Inc., a leading glove manufacturer and Internet Retailer since 1996, is rebranding its visual identity and mission that reflects a positive relationship with our customers and corporate clients. Our new brand will be called, GO GLOVES®.

“Our vision is to become the most loved, most trusted, and the most innovative glove company in the glove business,” said Joe McGarry, CEO of Gloves-Online, Inc., “and our mission is to build a better identity for our customers. The rebrand will not just be cosmetic – we are taking this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach in the market as a whole. We continually strive to be better at everything we do, every day, for every client and customer.”

Soon, we will unveil a new corporate logo that will be more modern, streamlined, and simplify our brand identity.  Of course, one thing that will remain constant is to be known as Gloves-Online since our founding in 1996. Most customers know us GO, that glove company when they call us, so rebranding to GO GLOVES® was always in our plans and it has now become the logical pathway for our future.

Our corporate identity will remain as Gloves-Online, Inc. but our “brand” will become known as GO GLOVES®.

GO Gloves® has actually been a Federally Registered U.S. Trademark since December 1, 2009. Registration Number:  3,719,833.

Today, there are many ways to find us if you are shopping on the internet. You can even find us on Amazon under our brand: GO GLOVES. You can also type in GO Gloves on your favorite browser and see the links to our web site or even type in www.gogloves.com in your URL bar and be instantly directed to our Home page. As usual, we’ve made it very easy for you to find us effortlessly without any hurdles or searches.

As a reminder, you should also note, that beginning this year, 2021, GO GLOVES instituted a new policy where all domestic glove orders over $99.00 SHIP FREE via Standard Shipping.

In conclusion, we will always be there for you as “Your Source for Gloves since 1996.”

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