The Best High Visibility Gloves

It’s that time of year again… so this post should be timely for those that work outdoors.

This is a very helpful guide for selecting the best High Visibility Gloves for your particular need and conditions. These recommendations are based on over 2 decades of experiences in selling Hi-Vis Work Gloves and assisting customers in fulfilling their specific needs with their specific work conditions.

The good news is that we offer a wide variety and range of Hi-Vis Work Gloves that meet most any requirement, weather and temperature conditions, wet environments, day and night time conditions. We also have Hi-Vis gloves that also meet heavy-duty work conditions or light weight, normal work conditions.

Having said all that, I’ll break things down at make it simpler and easier to match up the gloves to the various conditions. I’ll present them in a step by step manner which should help make it easy to find a High Visibility glove model ideal for your work.

Although some of these points may seem to be very obvious, the options should make a good check list for you so that you don’t overlook a condition or option before purchasing a new pair of Hi-Vis gloves.  

Color – Safety Orange or Lime

According to safety standards, the color does not make any difference and more a matter of personal choice. Both the traditional orange and the newer hi-vis lime colors work identically. The lime color was initially introduced in Europe and the thought was to stand out better than the traditional common orange color. I’m told that people became less alert to seeing the orange color as a potential safety hazard but I believe that when people see hi-vis colors they notice them whatever the color.

I’m sure that there are people out there that may disagree with me but the ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 High Visibility Standard does that make any preference to color other than the intensity and reflective capability is the benchmark. 

Day Time or Night Time

I know for a fact that customers overlook the time of day when they will use hi-vis gloves but this is a primary safety selection issue. For example, many customers fail to realize that some hi-vis gloves will only be effective during day light hours while other hi-vi gloves will work in both day time and night time.

First, it is important to know that Nighttime Hi-Visibility Gloves contain retro-reflective patches or elements within the gloves that will reflect back light beams to the source such as automobile headlights. These patches are easily identified since they are normally a glossy colored material or shiny silver metallic material.

Warm Weather or Cold Weather

This is an obvious issue but, again, often overlooked by customers. Some Hi-Vis gloves are suitable for both types of weather depending on the temperature ranges but this is primarily a comfort issue verses a safety issue. Look for lined or thermal models in cold conditions. We also have some nice breathable mesh back models or knit models for warm weather.

Wet Conditions

Police, Traffic Control, Highway Workers, and Construction personnel frequently find themselves working in rainy weather. Consider using High Visibility Moisture or Waterproof Gloves. They do exist and you will find them a useful in these wet conditions. 

You may notice that the most popular Hi-Vis Leather Gloves are made of Pigskin. There is a very logical reason for this. First, Pigskin is very dense and more durable than Cowhide so they usually last longer. They are not much more durable than Cowhide but enough to make them stronger.

The main reason that the Pigskin High Visibility Gloves are more popular is due to the fact that they are principally used outdoors and in wet conditions. Therefore, since Pigskin remains soft when they dry out after being wet, they are the best option in wet conditions. You should note that as nice as cowhide is, it becomes hard when it dries out after being wet. This will reduce the life, flexibility, and comfort with cowhide models in a wet environment.

We also have a Cryo Hi-Vis glove model which is both liquid proof and withstands freezing conditions. These are popular with aircraft signalers, crossing guards, and commercial fishermen.

Durability – Heavy Weight and Light Weight models.

There is not much that I can say on this topic since it is obvious which model may be more durable than another. All of the Leather Palm models are the obvious choice for rugged conditions. We also have a new Hi-Vis model that is also cut resistant and impact resistant which is a nice glove.

The light weight models are also popular with parking attendants and we have a few nice options there.

Below are seven (7) examples of the High Visibility Gloves that I’ve mentioned. We currently carry 16 different Hi-Vis Glove models so I won’t list them all in this post. However, you can see all of these models at this link:

High Visibility Gloves


  • Heavy Duty Model

Shown is our WK-1938 Lined Pigskin Model which also available in Lime Green.


  • Light Weight Model

Shown is our WK-HVO990K Drivers Gloves


  • Daytime Model

Shown is our WK-C874FY Maxiflex Coated Gloves


  • Daytime & Nighttime Model Example

Shown is our WK-1919 Model – Note the Retro-Reflective Strips which can be found on other models.


  • Warm Weather Model

Shown is our WK-908 Mesh Back Leather Gloves which is also available on Orange.


  • Cold Weather Model Example

Shown are our WK-41-1400 POWERGRAB Thermal Grip Gloves which are also available in Lime Green.


  • Water Resistant Model Example

Shown is our WK-1938KWP which are a Lined Waterproof Pigskin Model with a Knit Wrist to keep out cold air.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for subscribing.

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