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We’ve made and sold Flash Colored Gloves for over 25 years. The generic name “Flash Gloves” is unknown but is believed to be derived from the colorful gloves popular among cheer groups. This post contains information about colored gloves which are primarily used for events, cheerleaders, parades, promotions, and shows.

History and evolution of Flash Colored Gloves

Originally, colored gloves could not be found commercially and were dyed at home using white cotton gloves with dye solutions. Over time, due to their world-wide popularity, they became commercially available is select popular colors. They eventually evolved from cotton to being made using high quality stretch polyester fabric since they were more universally sized (one size fits all) and not as size critical with cotton versions.

Another advantage of using polyester is that polyester fibers, being a polymer, can be made in very vibrant colors and will not fade or lose their color like cotton.

Today, almost 100% of the colored gloves you will find are made from a high quality polyester fiber except for fashion silk and satin colored gloves. Also, Flash Colored gloves are now made in a Men’s universal size in popular colors. It should also be noted that the Flash colored gloves that we offer at Gloves-Online (GO Gloves) are made from a polyester fiber that looks and feels like cotton. It’s nothing like the polyester that was used in clothing in the ‘60’s.  

Two Models

We offer Flash Gloves in 2 models. The most popular are the solid color models. The other model is our Flash 2 Color model. The two color models have a white top with a colored palm. The purpose of the two color model is that the performers look like they are wearing traditional white gloves while marching which turns into a color as they do a dance routine showing their palms in unison. This may sound blasé but it is a very nice feature when you see a performance using the two color models.

Important features

Besides the vivid colors, there are 2 important features to consider.

A soft stretch polyester fabric: Not all polyesters are stretchy and this is important since one size will fit most. Otherwise, sizing will become an issue with almost everyone.

Keystone thumb: This feature may not seem important but it is if you want the gloves to be comfortable, form fitting, and ergonomically fit the user. To identify a keystone thumb glove model, these are where the thumb piece is made separately and set into and sewn into the palm of the glove. Gloves without a keystone thumb are simply two pieces of fabric laid out and cut to the shape of a hand and sewn together. Our hands are not designed this way and therefore, gloves without a keystone thumb are less comfortable. They are also a sign of a lower quality glove.

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