Glove orders made easier

First, it’s interesting to note that we’ve been around longer on the internet than both Amazon and Google. So it’s fair to say, we know a bit about internet shopping technology. For you internet historians, it may be interesting to footnote that we were the very first web site in the world to feature gloves. This is a trivial but well-known fact.

Furthermore, you may already know that it is much easier to find a pair of gloves that you need on Gloves-Online than finding a pair on Amazon. This is due to our easy left-panel navigation menu links along with our robust keyword search tool at the top of our home page.  Additionally, we have 2 web sites within one to segregate our consumer gloves and our industrial work gloves for even easier glove shopping.

Regarding Amazon, where you will also find our gloves but at a higher price, one look at web site navigation at GO Gloves and one look at a glove search on Amazon, you will immediately see how uncluttered and easier it is to read and find glove listings on Gloves-Online. I personally use Amazon from time to time and it amazes me how cluttered it is but I’m also a web guru, so pardon me.

Order Concerns?

Since the back-bone of our web site and shopping cart uses state-of-the-art technology, you can also check on your glove order status and even track glove orders without leaving our web site.

Accounts: You can, but it’s not mandatory, to set up an account with us where you can save all of your glove order history. This can be done at the top of our Home Page under the “My Account” link. This is helpful for our glove customers who purchase gloves on an annual basis and forgot what sizes or models they previously ordered.

Order Status: At the top of our Home page under the “Need Help” link you can check on your order status in the drop down menu using your Order ID number (which is emailed to you) and your email. This will display your order status and once your order is shipped, it will also provide you with your tracking number.

Order Tracking: Once you have your tracking number, you can see the tracking of your shipment using the USPS or UPS link. The only thing you need to remember is what shipper you selected when you placed your order.

Note: Not only are the Order Status and Order Tracking links located at the top of our Home Page under ‘Need Help”, they are also located in the footer of our Home page.

We pride ourselves on making your glove shopping and order processing as easy as possible since it’s important to us that you come back again and again. After all, everyone owns a pair of gloves or two for various needs. Even our customers in the tropics purchase gloves. Ask me about them if you’re curious.

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