Animal & Raptor Handling Gloves

Animal & Raptor Handling Gloves
I’m proud to introduce new gloves specifically designed for animal handling. They were made by popular demand by Caiman Gloves, one the leading welding glove manufacturers in the USA. 
What they did was modify their popular 21” welding glove and added extra protection that a welder wouldn’t require. The main additions are a Triple-Layered Cuff and added reinforcements in the fingers and palm. 
The popularity of the Caiman gloves are their patented designs specifically involving mimicking the natural curvature of the hands for added comfort.
Besides being a high-quality, long-life, durable glove, they offer a price that is half the price of other animal handling gloves available. 
See our listing for more features and benefits on these gloves. 
You can see other popular Animal Handling gloves that we carry at this link.

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