A few compelling reasons to switch to the new Radians Microdot Nitrile Gripper Gloves

Coated work gloves represent the most popular segment in our industrial and work glove business. In fact, this glove category has grown by double digits each year for over 10 years. I’ve seen many companies attempt to enter this category but they have failed due to quality, performance, and/or price reasons. I associate this glove category to the global smartphone arena. 
One company that has successfully managed to get a grip on the coated glove market this year is the Radians Company. The main reason is that Radian’s glove guru, Dan Branson, designs gloves for workers that wear gloves 10 hours a day, never sacrificing dexterity, comfort, or protection. To me, that’s a great benchmark for glove design and it meets my personal “3-F” glove threshold to make gloves that fit, feel, and function better than the others on the market. 
I encourage you to consider one of the two new Radians Coated Glove models on your next order. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed and you will actually save some money, too. Imagine that! 
Choose from the standard RWG-11 Palm Coated Model or the RWG-12 – ¾ Coated Model. The images link to the gloves on our web site. 

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