Send a GO Glove E-Gift Certificate from Gloves-Online

Everyone knows gloves make great gifts and we just made it easier. Read further and see why. 
Sure to Please:Let them choose the gloves they’re dreaming about – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Affordable:Budget friendly – you decide on the amount.
Convenient: Easy for you to send, easy for them to use online. 
The Perfect Fit:Always the right size and color – no more guessing (And no need for wrapping paper)
Personalize: You can add a personalized message to the recipient. 
GO Gloves E-Gift Certificates are sent directly to your recipient’s email address inbox within minutes. 
GO Gloves E-Gift Certificates never expire and there are no hidden charges or fees.
It’s getting cold outside so spread the word so others can learn about this easy gift giving solution. 
We also have this option available at Olga Gloves since we have other glove models at that shop:

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