GO Gloves unveils new Black & Decker Garden and Work Glove

It’s that time of year to spring into some new gloves. 
I finally got my hands (pun intended) on the new, and first ever, 2 in 1 Hybrid Rose Tender Performance gloves and these new gloves get a high five!  Not only are these gloves one of the most versatile garden and work glove, they get my vote for the cool glove club. 
These gloves have a “removable” gauntlet that acts as a barrier against sharp thorns and branches. By easily unsnapping a few buttons the gauntlet can be removed and stored, turning your Rose Tender glove into a standard performance work glove. Besides being washable and form-fitting, the glove has a few additional features which you can see and read about at the product link below. 
Another first is that these B&D Rose Tender Gloves are made for both men and women. 
Like any new glove, we unfortunately only have two sizes as of this launch and we hope other sizes will follow shortly. 
Product Link with limited time introductory offer:

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