About Nappa Leather Gloves

Many customers ask what Nappa Leather is so it’s time to strip away the myths about Nappa leathers. 

Nappa leather is full-grain leather, typically dyed, and made from unsplit kidskin, lambskin or sheep skin. It is tanned with salts of chromium or aluminum sulfate, and noted for its softness, stretchiness, flexibility, and durability. It is often used in high-quality leather products such as high-end furniture, wallets, handbags, and most often high quality dress and fashion gloves. 
Nappa leather should not be confused with cowhide which is thicker, less flexible, and used in heavy-duty work gloves. 
Even though Italian leather craftsmen have mastered making and working with Nappa leather, the tanning process which produces Napa leather was invented in 1875 at the Sawyer Tanning Company in Napa, California. 
Examples of popular Men’s and Women’s Nappa leather gloves can be found at the following links:

1 thought on “About Nappa Leather Gloves

Thank for your post! I love nappa leather, not only for gloves but also for other types of accessories and jackets. It is so soft and supple compared to other types of leather! Thanks to your explanation now I know how it is made and why it has such peculiarities!

I was aware of the fact that its name derives from Napa in California, where it was invented, and you probably know that its inventor was called Emanuel Manasse. Well, thank you and thank Mr Manasse!

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