Gloves that spotlight your work

The glove gurus at MCR Safety always make me look good because they give me the privilege to offer and sell their latest and greatest glove inventions to you.

They sure pulled the rabbit out of the hat on me again when they sent me samples of the new MCR-Memphis Multi-Task Gloves with moveable LED lights.

Those that know me, know I hate smoke and mirrors and gimmick gloves but these mechanics gloves not only light up your work areas, they have the fit, feel, and function that a multi-task mechanics glove should.

By the way, I think their bean-counters waved their wand over on these gloves because they are affordable enough to buy a few pairs for the price of one pair of competitive brands.


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Not a comment, actually.
Joe, I hope you remember talking with me a few times earlier this year and writing for our Web site. I have accepted DSM Dyneema's invitation to be moderator of an all-day workshop they're having for partner companies in Dusseldorf, Germany, Nov. 2, the day before A+A begins in that city, and I will be making opening and closing remarks. What can you tell me about how industrial glove sales are trending in the US this fall? Are there any new things out or coming soon that I could share with this audience? Your green packaging and other green items on the blog are helpful.

Thanks very much, and best wishes,
Jerry Laws, editor, Occupational Health & Safety,,, 972-687-6701

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