Be wary of eco-friendly glove claims

I saw this recent post with a title (Recycled Gloves) about gloves made from recycled materials. The post itself is a bit misleading since these gloves are also made using Kevlar, Polyester, and Neoprene. Not the kind of stuff you recycle; or “can be” recycled.

I investigated this claim further by going to the company’s web site and they clearly refer to gloves made from a “fabric” using recycled materials. Lame but maybe true. You see, I was weaned in the healthcare industry where you must substantiate such claims or references.

Don’t you think when a company refers to a recycled glove; it should be made from 100% recycled material? I welcome our comments.


1 thought on “Be wary of eco-friendly glove claims

I think manufactures should specify what percentage of recycled material was used to make their product. Such as – 100% recycled material used or – 30% recycled material used.

Also, often definitions of “recycled”, “eco-friendly”, “organic”, and “natural” could be confusing and not well understood by consumers. It would be useful if you could list explanations for these terms in relation to gloves/fabrics.

Thank you.

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