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MAPA Temp-Tec NL-517 - Insulated Neoprene Gloves
Product ID: LCR-NL-517
Manufacturer: MAPA Gloves
MAPA Temp-Tec NL-517 - Insulated Neoprene Gloves

#LCR-NL-517 - MAPA® Temp-Tec® NL-517 - Insulated Neoprene Gloves

  • Insulated neoprene 17" gloves are constructed of non-toxic synthetic neoprene rubber and an integral cotton jersey thermal liner.
  • The Temp-Tec gloves withstand brief* contact with hot metals up to 480° F and cold contact to -100° F** in hand area.
  • Positive non-slip roughed grip and a two-tone wear indicator to permit glove change-out before abrasion penetrates the shell.
  • Temp-Tec reduces the risk of burns and frost injuries with better ambient temperature recovery than other insulated gloves.
  • In compliance with 21 CFR, 170-199. 

* Neoprene begins to char when heated above 480° F but will not support combustion.

** Cold test was performed holding 9 lbs. of dry ice for 2 minutes. 

Applications: Food processing, handling hot hoses, hot steam lance cleaning operations, resin hot sampling, plastic extrusion operations, petrochemical hot sampling, molten operation, PVC insulated copper wire manufacturing. 

Click on this link for a complete spec sheet including chemical resistance data.

Sizes: L-XXL*

* Please note that these are European sized. The circumference of the Palm is shown in the size options menu. The example being if you normally wore a Large; you would select and XL with these models. 

Price: $30.50/Pair

Case - 6 Pair

Case Price Only $23.95/Pair




Price: $30.50


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